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2015/09/25 15:18 UTC

Winner HR

Vexed vs. HR @Dreamhack Predictions


Vexxed is the lineup of eBettle, just playing under a different name. They surprised everyone by qualifying and attending ESL One Cologne, where they didn’t do too well but the main thing is, is that they did qualify which is a huge achievement. With the name Vexxed, they have actually had a pretty good performance for a small Polish team like themselves. A few days ago, they beat ATB 2-0 at the ESL Polish Championship, and they tied VS Property too. They have also beat Fraternitas and KeyD (not LG lineup) this month.


HR are definitely the favorites coming in to this match. With Dosia leaving, that has opened up a spot for s1mple to come on in and take up the role of AWPing. S1mple is a very solid AWPer and I do think that HR is the best team for him at the moment. Their most recent match with s1mple was on the 19th against the British team Infused. HR did end up winning 2-0, but on Cobblestone (2nd map) they did get forced into the last round and the map ended 16-14 in their favor. Definitely should not have been that close, but a win is a win. HR is in the ESL ESEA league, where they have to get fix instead of s1mple to play due to s1mple’s ESL ban, and that is a pretty big downgrade for the team.

Final thoughts

HR have more LAN experience and their lineup in general look stronger with big names. Though, it has been a bit of a jumble with their recent matches with fix coming in for the ESL ones and s1mple playing in everything else. HR can be very unpredictable at times, and although I do think they will win this, I won’t be better on them because I would just like to see what form they are currently on with s1mple and this also being a LAN match. I’ll be placing an ICB or perhaps a small bet on Vexxed.

My odds for this match: Vexed 25:75 HR

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