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2015/09/25 12:30 UTC

Winner Titan


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Titan vs. SR @Dreamhack

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Ok guys so not a whole lot to say here. Although SR seem to be a pretty good team in their current tier they are not playing against teams which are anything like Titan. Although Titan has gone under lots of changes recently they are still a tier 1 team with tier 1 players in it. It is extremely unlikely that this unheard of Vietnamese team will have any chance in a Bo3 against a team such as Titan.

I really cannot see SR having any chance in this game. Considering this game is a Bo3 there is almost no reason betting anything on SR, not even an ICB. My advice is that you skip this game unless you have a big enough inventory to get a $10+ return. This is because although it is almost certain that Titan will win this, the odds are so high on CSGOlounge that there is no point betting unless you bet enough to get a decent return.

My odds for this match: Titan 96:4 SR

In all honesty, this should be a pretty straight forward match for Titan. They have recently acquired the headshot machine, ScreaM and although this is his first match on Titan, he has a lot of history with his now team mates so he should feel right at home. Skyred is the second best asian team, coming after QeeYou. There are some nutty players on Skyred like ‘crazyguy’ who is sporting an INSANE 1.69 rating on HLTV. JohnnyP is also one of the best, if not the best AWPer from Asia.

Despite all of this, I just don’t think that you can really compare Skyred to Titan. Although Skyred may be good for their region, their region is marginally weaker than Titan’s. The current odds are 95-5 favoring Titan, and this is a horrible bet unless you want to go for overpay, but even then, you most likely won’t get any overpay and you’ll get a mountain of $0.04 skins in your returns.

My odds for this match: Titan 90:10 SR

Hi guys,

Not going to spend alot of time on this one. This match is straight forward. I dont see it happen that Skyred will take a map from Titan. The skill gap between these teams is just to big. Skyred has some good players from asia but it is just a whole new level of skill for them facing off against a top tier team from Europe.

If you have a large inventory you could place a max bet on Titan otherwise just skip it. An ICB on skyred is useless in my opinion. You might as well just watch this game and not bet on it. It’s just not worth it.




My odds for this match: Titan 95:5 SR


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