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GameAgents League

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2015/09/27 18:00 UTC

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M&R vs. Orbit @GameAgents League

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Just as an early warning, M&R do not have a set roster all the time, and sometimes the HLTV lineup can be wrong. Do watch out for roster changes, but generally the three core players are always playing (Joelz, hMp and NIZN). M&R is a PUG style team with a lot of great aimers, and they do rely on that and a little bit of teamwork to get them through their games. Since being dropped from NerdRage, they have played 3 games all in this league under their current name. They have recently won 2-0 against SK and Volgare, however they did lose out to Reason on the 21st.

Their current standing in this league is 4th with 10 points, just trailing behind SK. They are in a very good position as of now.


Orbit will be playing with boco from team Rock (disbanded). Boco will be replacing ‘t3h f4rm3r’ which some would say is a little bit of a downgrade. The farmer is an important player to the team, as he is  a very powerful fragger when compared to the other 5 he is playing with. Without him, I’m not too sure how Orbit will perform, but Orbit still looks like a strong Hungarian lineup. Their most recent match was against VP, where Orbit took a map (Cobblestone) off them. They did however lost 1-2 but taking a map off them is a good enough achievement in itself.

Orbit is standing second to last just 3 points ahead of the other Hungarian team, Volgare. There isn’t really too much hope for Orbit to catch up in points to the top 4, and to be honest here, they have a pretty low skill ceiling compared to the other 10 teams competing in this league too. Just as a fun little fact, out of the 6 matches Orbit has played in this league, they have won 0, lost 3 and tied 3.


The thing stopping me from placing a large bet on M&R is the fact that they always leave the lineups unannounced. I’ll be placing a medium bet on them and this is a very risky match to bet on if you are not yet comfortable betting on them. Still, this match will be more important to M&R than Orbit since they do want to maintain their points and to hopefully pull away from Worst Players, who are tied with them at 10 points.

My odds for this match: M&R 65:35 Orbit


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