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2015/09/28 04:15 UTC

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Follow Esports have been playing with desi lately, instead of els, and he has been performing well for them. It is no surprise their results improved since his introduction. He is a decent player, albeit slightly too aggressive sometimes. I also think he has an attitude problem, but while their roster is in their honeymood period, things should be good

The last times I saw NME, they actually looked pretty decent. You can tell they are playing a lot, and have a lot of natural skill. The introduction of MAiNLiNE seems to have really helped them, and when koosta is on fire, like he was against Complexity, they can really compete with anyone.

The only games NME have lost recently, have been against the higher teams in NA, which shows you where they are at right now. FE have had a few up and down results, and knowing how they will perform is a hard one to predict. I think this game, judging by how the two teams have been playing, should be 1-1, or 2-0 to NME. This is NA, and if desi is firing and koosta off his game, FE have a chance.

Because of the high chance of this being 1-1, I don’t see THAT much value in betting on this game, unless you bet a bit on NME, and hope that koosta and co deliver the goods. Even then the return will be minimal, so perhaps wait for the better games tomorrow.

My odds for this match: NME 65:35 FE

NME impressed everyone with their great win against Complexity on Train 16-5. They were the underdog yet still won with great results.  Koosta has been doing great things for Enemy, having great K/Ds and ratings recently. K/D isn’t everything, but hitting insane shots is. That’s basically what Koosta is doing for them. His aim is so good that he just keeps racking up the frags with his awp. The other Enemy players are also strong obviously, such as Relyks. He’s also been having some good recent games. Enemy’s recent losses have been to really strong teams, such as CLG, and I don’t see them losing 0-2 here.

Follow Esports have recently been using Desi instead of els. This is a good improvement for the ex-SKDC team, as Desi is a very strong player who has had great results in the past. Follow Esports have had some tough losses recently, against Coast and Method. I’m not sure why FE lost so badly both times, getting only seven rounds overall in the two matches. Their most recent win was against Games Academy in overtime, which isn’t too impressive.

Even though FE have Desi, who is a very strong player, NME should be taking this either 2-0 or a 1-1 tie. You probably won’t lose skins betting on this, but don’t bet too high. Good luck!

My odds for this match: NME 70:30 FE


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