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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2015/09/28 10:15 UTC

Winner Vega


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Vega vs. RCTIC @Uprise Champions Cup

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Very interesting game to watch. For me VEGA the best CIS team at the moment if you exclude the big 3 (HR,F3,NAVI). They have some amazing talents with players like JR and mir.
RCTIC is a team which a bottom tier 2/top tier 3 team. They have a very limited map pool which is d2,cache and mirage. And all this maps are CIS maps. All CIS teams know how to play this 3 maps + VEGA knows how to play overpass.

Here the steam profiles from some of the players:

Vega: 50-100 hours last 2 weeks

RCTIC:50-65 hours last 2 weeks

I think the real odds of this map should be 65-35 in favor of VEGA. I will be placing a bet on them most likely if the odds stay around 30% mark. The current odds with 27% for RCTIC are off obviously and if you feel like they will take it a small or icb bet on them is legit, i just think they will have a very hard time against VEGA because they have nearly the same map pool, only that i think vega is 1 level better skillwise. Especially their ct sides are super solid.

Map breakdown:
Cache 65-35 Vega
Mirage 60-40 Vega (Vega has an amazing CT side there)
D2 60-40 Vega
Overpass 65-35 Vega
Inferno:99% sure it wont be played unless one of the team fucks up veto
Cobblestone: 99% sure it wont be played unless one of the team fucks up veto
Train: 99% sure it wont be played unless one of the team fucks up veto

So yeah, a lot of has to come together for RCTIC to make this upset happen. VEGA is a pretty young team and does not have too much experience yet, but so is RCTIC. I think VEGA will be trying hard this LAN to be known as #1 Domestic team.

In Short:
Real odds 65-35 for Vega
If odds 30% i think you can go low/med on Vega
If odds below 30% a small/icb on RCTIC is smart if you wanna play the odds.

I will be most likely betting on VEGA because i just believe they are overall stronger and iam still trying to build up my accounts, so only wins count at the biginning. Its hard to play the odds when you dont have a lot of stuff to bet with ^_^

If you wanna see my bets feel free to join our steamgroup:
Iam only betting 1hour-30min before the matches.

Best of luck!

My odds for this match: Vega 65:35 RCTIC


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