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2015/09/29 20:00 UTC

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Team SoloMid


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NiP vs. TSM @Faceit

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Map: Dust 2


NiP have recently attended the GFinity where they were immediately sent home following a 2-3 defeat from Fnatic. Since the map is Dust 2, I thought I would touch up on some basics which NiP will need to do in order to win as the underdog here against TSM. Dust 2 is a PUG style map and is aim oriented at times. All NiP players do have the potential to shine, but we never really see all 5 players frag well at the same time. GeT_RiGhT is a strong lurker and you can count on him to play well, and Allu is the AWPer for NiP. The AWPer is like The Nile for Egypt. It is the backbone for the team on a map like Dust 2 and Allu is going to need to hit those important shots.


TSM wasn’t invited to GFinity like NiP, and their post Dreamhack matches aren’t anything too special. They have had a BO3 against the relaxed VP, where they won 2-0 fairly easily and they have had two ESL ESEA Pro League BO1’s against NiP (win) and Na’vi (loss) both of which were on Train. TSM has the same skill level aim as NiP or very similar, but they are more consistent to me. Sometimes the players of NiP can have a bad map and perform very sub-par but we don’t really see that with TSM. They usually just play like normal and well. This is why I think TSM is the overdog here.

Extra notes

Dust 2 for NiP is a relatively good map for them, with them on a winning against Fnatic on it at Gfinity, 19-16 in OT, as well as beating teams like TSM, EnvyUs and Cloud 9 on it just this month. NiP have won all of their matches on there this month besides a 14-16 defeat to Fnatic in a BO1 for the ESL ESEA. TSM have played Dust 2 so much this past month, 11 times in fact. In those 11 maps, they have won 8 times and lost 3 times. Those three losses were against EnvyUs, Fnatic and NiP.


I do think that TSM should win this one, since I do think they are better than NiP in general, but if the odds rise above 60% for them, I won’t bother betting on them and I’ll place a low one on NiP. I’m not sure if all this NiP controversy will affect the performance of the players. It shouldn’t.


My odds for this match: NiP 45:55 Team SoloMid

Should be a good match. Both teams like this map and TSM is known right now as probably the best team on it.
With odds like that on CSGL right now i think its the best that you go LOW on TSM. I feel like they are working hard right now (all 70 hours last 2 weeks on steam) while NiP is not playing that much (allu 35 hours last 2 weeks)

Obviously NiP still got a chance here but the odds are decent to bet on the favorite here.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: NiP 40:60 Team SoloMid


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