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2015/10/01 17:15 UTC

Winner Dragon


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Dragon vs. Tiger @Showmatch

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Just as a little preface, this match is a showmatch with mix teams. The players come from all different types of Asian countries and they have just been thrown together into a mix and they’ll play out this BO3.


There are quite a few familiar faces on this team, with one of them being the amazing fragger, “crazyguy” from team Skyred. Kaze from MVP.karnal and Machinegun from TheMongolz have also been seen playing on the lounge in the past. The two names which I’m not familiar with are AttackR and splashske. AttackR has the highest rating on his team (Puzzle and it is an all Chinese lineup) and splashske has the highest rating (1.44) out of all the 10 players participating in this showmatch.

Dragon definitely does look promising, as the lowest rating is just 1.18. Even that is a great rating. This team will probably be very reliant on their fragging ability to get them through, as I do think communications will be very ‘iffy’. All the players come from different countries so this should be a fun little match for all.


The players of Tiger aren’t as familiar to be as the the Dragon players. I do know that ‘fancy1’ plays for TyLoo and ‘shoushi’ is a good player from Detonator. The other three players (asia, ZeAL and Reita) are all completely new to me, and I have never heard of one of their teams before. There isn’t too much we can base our judgement off, besides their ratings, but even that isn’t a 100% accurate thing to base judgement off. Unlike Dragon, only two players of this featured lineup has a rating above 1.00, and that is fancy1 and Reita. This pretty much means that they are not the best fraggers and they do rely on other team mates to frag for them. However, they could be playing certain positions which just make them not get too many frags (eg; entry fragging against a good team, support roles, baiting for picks, IGL) or they could just not be as good as their team in general.


This is a Showmatch, and no one can really make an accurate prediction unless you know the scene extremely well. There is a small risk of throwing since this match literally means nothing, but since the Asian scene doesn’t get too much attention, I would imagine that the players would be motivated to do their best. I personally think Dragon will win because of the names on there, but you never know. I’ll be skipping a bet on this match or if the odds settle (which I doubt), then I’ll bet on Dragon. I will most definitely be watching this match over any other though.

My odds for this match: Dragon 65:35 Tiger


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