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99Damage Masters

Best Of 3
2015/10/01 17:45 UTC

Winner Penta
SK Gaming


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Penta vs. SK @99Damage Masters

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First thing to say is that SK recently changed their lineup. They were lacking in results before and couldn’t get anything done. Right after their failure to even qualify for the qualifier of Dreamhack by losing to Mixcat 0-2 is when they dropped Sanden and Berry. They picked up Moddii and K0nfig, but their results haven’t changed one bit. They recently lost 0-2 to Max and Relax, 0-2 to E-Frag, and more. Their only recent win is against London Conspiracy, which sadly isn’t much of a big deal. Moddii has been straight bottom fragging, and SK gaming can’t seem to string rounds together. They don’t look very good right now and their edited lineup doesn’t seem to be helping at all.

I’m not sure if Penta will be using Spiidi instead of Stavros for this game. Either way is fine, but in my opinion Spiidi is the better aimer and has had better results as of lately. Their results are kind of hard to see, as they are mostly BO2 ties. The good things they’ve done lately would be tying Gamers2, tying Mouz, and tying Hellraisers. However they did lose today to the Lions, which I don’t think Penta should have really lost to. Penta are the better team and really messed up there. I like the recent changes involving tahsiN and Spiidi, but the Penta lineup doesn’t look like it’s coming close to going to a LAN and doing much anytime soon.

This should be a pure 50-50. Both lineups have been having troubles, but the SK team really hasn’t been doing anything good recently. SK gaming is the better team overall, but their results are lacking. This is why a low bet on Penta works here. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Penta 50:50 SK Gaming


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