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GameAgents League

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2015/10/01 20:00 UTC

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FSid3 vs. Vexed @GameAgents League

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F3 has recently participated in the Dreamhack Open Qualifier, where they qualified for the actual event by beating out CW in the groups, losing to CLG and then beat CW again. It was a pretty easy path for F3 to follow, as they went up against CW twice – it was still a good showing and by a stroke of luck, they ended up in a good group.  They did however lose to CLG 0-2 which is a bit disappointing however. Since then, F3 have had two matches, one against Mouz where they lost 0-2 with a 13-16 loss on Inferno and a thrashing 2-16 loss on Cache. Earlier today, F3 won against CSGL, 2-0 and although they didn’t look too coordinated, they still did manage to pull out a win.

Without s1mple, F3 is now playing like a steady mid level T2 team. They still aren’t at the top of the T2 team chain, but they do have the ability to win against teams like CW, Property, Penta and SK.


Like F3, Vexed also qualified for Dreamhack at the qualifier, where they tied 1st in their group next to Titan. Vexed performed pretty well, initially losing to HR 0-2 but then making it up by winning against Skyred then following up by winning against HR, 2-1. On LAN, Vexed are an excellent team, and they thrive on there. They have proved to us that they are a team capable of taking down fellow T2 teams. The thing is, is that they can sometimes lazily play a match and let it go without putting up much of a fight. However, when they want to do well, they will play out of their minds and surprise people.

League standings

F3 is currently tied 6th place with CSGL on 9 points, while Vexed is trailing behind at 7th place with 4 points. I honestly have no idea how many more games will be played out or if these teams have any chance at reaching the top 4 to be eligible for a prize at the end.


F3 should be able to win one map, but Vexed has been able to tie matches against the likes of Property, Orbit, G2 and Worst Players. F3 are the better team here however, and I also don’t think Vexed has too much of a chance here in the league anymore. This late in and they are sitting at 4 points near the bottom. If they try, they most definitely can take a map off and potentially the series, but the question is, will they try?

My bet will be going on F3 if they remain under 75%, which I really doubt will happen. The current odds at 80-20 aren’t favorable at all for a bet though.


My odds for this match: FSid3 70:30 Vexed


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