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2015/10/02 04:15 UTC

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FE vs. Trifecta @CEVO

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The FE hype is real after winning over c9.. sure they improved alot by adding Desi to the rooster but they dont deserve 78%.. noway. Trifecta(casaless/ex-Mortality) is really good, witmer with his sick flickshots and the rest of the team to back him up. As2 went godmode vs NME on cache, showing the people he is a good player. And we have sick with his “sick” entry frags, and Vice with the “all around” role, just doing his thing. This game will probably end up 1:1, but the odds for Trifecta is just too good to ignore, so putting a icb/lowbet is the smart move here.

Summary: Pretty much a 1:1 game incomming, but the odds as for now is just wrong, FE beating c9 yesterday gave them theese odds. People forget that ex-Mortality can do good aswell. Going icb/low on the underdog in this game is the smart move.

My odds for this match: FE 55:45 Trifecta

Follow Esports is basically the ex-SKDC squad, but they recently added Desi to the lineup. Obviously Desi has helped them a lot since he is a great player in terms on aim, and he’s recently been having very good performances for his team. Looking at the Follow Esports lineup you would think that they wouldn’t be doing very well, but that’s not the case. They played Cloud9 yesterday on Mirage, and they actually won in Overtime. Even though Mirage is Cloud9’s worst map (maybe Inferno) you would think that Cloud9 would win purely from aim. Follow Esports pulled through, and barely won. They also played Winterfox twice that night. Follow Esports were the underdogs, but they actually managed to win both matches. This is pretty impressive for a lineup that you would think would do pretty badly from past results. This BO2 format usually works better for betting on the favorite, as the better team usually wouldn’t lose 0-2 to the underdog.

Trifecta have mostly been playing CEVO matches lately, and have had a whole lot of 1-1 ties. They’ve actually done pretty well in the BO2s, but it’s harder to tell how good they are if all of their matches end 1-1. Some of the good matches would be ties against CLG and Luminosity. However they have had losses against Method and 3sUP both 0-2, which is odd. If Trifecta play how they did against Luminosity  they can definitely do this, but otherwise Follow Esports should be the favorites.

A medium bet works here on FE as I don’t see them losing 0-2 unless Trifecta go insane. Good luck!


My odds for this match: FE 65:35 Trifecta


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