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PGL Season 1

Best Of 3
2015/10/02 14:00 UTC

Winner VP


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Liquid vs. VP @PGL Season 1

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Team A(Liquid): Liquid is the team that suprised the NA scene, they really got their game going! Smashing down LG in a bo5 and bo3, taking CLG in a bo3 etc.. But then again you cant really compare the NA scene with the EU scene. When liquid went to Stockholm for the dreamhack open they had two pretty convincing bo3 against renegades, and then they got pretty mutch overrun by mous in a bo3. Liquid is a team thats really momentom based, if they get shut down early they often have a hard time comming back. And i would be suprised if they even got double digits against VP.


Team B(VP): We all know Vp and we all know how good they can be.. Last couple of days VP took on envy and fnatic, winning 16-14 and 16:10, but they also lost three games in a row. All three was really close: 16-19(envy), 14-16(titan) and 11-16(TSM). Anyhow VP will be the huge overdog in this matchup, and it should be an easy win for them.


Summary: Yes, liquid have been getting som really good results in the NA scene, but they are now facing VP.. I can only see this game going one way: VP 2-0. Cant even see liquid taking one map, ill be suprised if they got over 10 rounds in any of these maps.

My odds for this match: Liquid 20:80 VP

Yes, Liquid qualified for the upcoming Dreamhack major. However, this is not a big deal. All they had to do was beat Renegades twice, which wasn’t a problem for them. When they played Mouz, they lost 0-2. Mouz aren’t even in the greatest shape right now, but Liquid still couldn’t take a map off of them. I don’t think beating Renegades was a big deal from them being in bad shape, but you can tell how Liquid were playing when they faced a decent team like Mouz. They didn’t fare well. I don’t think Liquid are quite ready to beat a strong European team like Virtus Pro.

We all know Virtus Pro. At Gfinity they lost to Envy to go out of the tournament, who went on to win it all. It was a close match though, with Virtus Pro taking two maps out of the BO5. Their online results haven’t been so great since then, but they usually play better on LAN. In interviews Virtus Pro players (mainly TaZ) said that they like playing NA teams because they feel like they can disrespect them in game by walking all over them and winning aim duals. Virtus Pro usually fare well against the NA playstyle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it again tomorrow.

Virtus Pro should be winning this. Liquid qualified for Dreamhack but that’s not too big of a deal, as we saw them lose to Mouz who weren’t even in the greatest shape 0-2. Virtus Pro like playing NA teams, and they should out-strat and out-aim Liquid here. However the odds are very high so a skip works here.

My odds for this match: Liquid 30:70 VP


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