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2015/10/02 15:30 UTC

Winner Mongolz


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Mongolz vs. InsidG @MBPL

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Disclaimer: I don’t know the Asian teams very well, and this prediction is just my gut feeling and what I’ve seen of these players/teams in the past. 


We have seen this team participate in the ESL One Cologne Asian qualifiers earlier this year, but the Mongolz have also played two matches in this league so far. They were using a slightly different roster at the Cologne qualifier, with Frost playing instead of Machinegun. Needless to say, Mongolz did not win a single match, being defeated by Immunity and myRevenge and they got sent home pretty quickly. Their two matches playing inside of this league have been with Machinegun, and the Mongolz have won both of their BO1’s Detonator and MVP.Karnal. Both Detonator and MVP.Karnal are good Asian teams, and even though it was a BO1, coming out of a win against them is a good sign for Mongolz.

It has been a while since we have seen the team play, but we did see ‘Machinegun’ play yesterday for Dragon in the Showmatch of mix Asian teams. Machinegun bottom fragged but his K/D was still positive and his team still did win the series.

If you are interested in researching some more for yourself, here are the steam profiles I could find with a quick search:

  • Machinegun:
  • maaRaa:
  • nuka: ?????????????????????????????
  • Zilkenberg:
  • Tsogoo:

Please do not spam them with comments or friend invites, that information was provided just for research.


I have personally never heard of Insidious, and I’ve never seen them play but according to HLTV records, they have played 4 matches – 3 of which have been for this league and one been way back early this year. So far in this league, their 3 matches have been in the middle of September, and they won against MOTV and MiraculousHawks but lost against Skyred (one of the top 4 asian teams imo). Earlier this year, they did participate in the Rising Asia cup, but they were quickly eliminated by TyLoo.

One thing that caught my eye while viewing this team was the HLTV rating of ‘splashske’. He is currently sporting a 1.44 rating and that is absolutely insane. We saw him play yesterday alongside Machinegun on the team Dragon in the showmatch, and he was second on the leaderboard with frags, just trailing behind the legend ‘crazyguy’.

If you want to look into more, here are the players steam profiles:

  • lumberjack:
  • Benkai:
  • splashske:
  • dejavux:
  • zhsl:


Again, I would like to reinforce the message that I do not concentrate all my effort into researching and following asian teams, and take this advice as a second opinion. If the odds exceed 65% for TheMongolz, I will place a small value bet on Insidious or skip altogether. I do think that TheMongolz have a good shot at winning, seeing as they did get invited to the ESL One Cologne qualifier whilst Insidious did not. Splashske is also a crazy player, and if he is playing like his usual self and carrying the team, Insidious also has a good chance at taking this.

My odds for this match: Mongolz 65:35 InsidG


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