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2015/10/02 05:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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Coast vs. Cloud9 @ESL

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C9 on Mirage here, should be a good game. They don’t have the best record here, but since Coast joined up with Coast, they have yet to win a single time on this map. Losing to LG, Method and CLG. They also will have a stand-in for draek, which will be their new German manager. This should honestly hamper the teams performance even more, and decrease their chances of winning.

Everyone saw by now what happens when c9 don’t focus or think they have a free win, when they lost to FE last night. I expect them to sort themselves out for today, but I know C9 have not been playing that much or practicing, and are more focused on EU events than NA ones.

Putting all this aside, on paper this should be an easy win for c9, but I personally won’t bet on it as the risk vs reward is far too high.

My odds for this match: Coast 25:75 Cloud9

Another game where the overdog should take it home quite easily.. Considering that coast is playing with ScrunK instead of draek, and that it’s mirage (the map where coast got 0 wins and 3 losses) and a map where c9 have won against teams like fnatic etc..

But with the current odds (89-11) the best thing is to skip, it all depends on how you like to bet and how big your inventory is. But if the odds somehow drop to 75-80%(Maybe c9 will get overrun by LG) a medium bet would fit.

Summary: This should be an easy win for c9, but with the current odds it’s not worth the risk.

My odds for this match: Coast 25:75 Cloud9

Keeping this one shorter because I think you should skip.

Cloud9 are obviously the much better team. With great results against strong European teams, the great aim, and great strategies, Cloud9 are obviously favored. They usually dominate the online matches in NA, but they lost to Follow Esports last night. They lost in Overtime on Mirage, 16-19. Mirage is probably the worst map for Cloud9 in the map pool. They can’t get anything done on it, and they ban it any time they can. This match will be on Mirage, but I still think Cloud9 will be the winner even after their bad performance against FE. I think that Cloud9’s aim by far outdoes the aim of Coast, and if they just challenge Coast to constant aim duals they can win them.

Coast haven’t really gotten much done against strong tier one NA teams, with multiple losses in their history. They actually just recently lost to Method 0-2, and they’ve only had 5 map wins on history as a team. None of these have been on Mirage, and they don’t play it very often. It doesn’t help that they have Scrunk standing in for draek either, as I’m assuming his ping will be very high from Germany.

This should be fairly easy for Cloud9, but since it’s on Mirage and it’s a BO1 you should skip. The odds are also too high for a BO1 anyways.

My odds for this match: Coast 30:70 Cloud9


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