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PGL Season 1

Best Of 3
2015/10/03 13:30 UTC

Winner Fnatic


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Liquid vs. Fnatic @PGL Season 1

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Honestly i can see this match going only one way – 2-0 fnatic on cache/mirage and cobble. Thing is Liquid had a bootcamp and looked not too shaby vs VP yesterday, but VP is completely burned out and you see it when you watch how they play. They make lots of little mistakes, lose lots of clutches and tend to throw rounds away even tho they outnumber their opponent on the spot.

Fnatic lost to TSM 0-2 today; very unlucky 14-16 on inferno (deserved map for TSM imo) and 10-16 on dust2 after leading 9-1 as ct. If i know one thing for sure, i know this won’t happen again and fnatic will play full ragemode later. Realistically Liquid should have no chance to upset this one, but the odds will be really ridiculous.

Unless you can maxbet here, it’s not really worth betting.

My odds for this match: Liquid 10:90 Fnatic

Liquid didn’t take a map off of Virtus Pro in their first match, getting 9 rounds on Mirage and 14 on Overpass. They weren’t expected to do well, and they basically played how everyone thought they would and lost 0-2. At the Dreamhack qualifiers they managed to qualify, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. All they had to do was beat Renegades twice, which wasn’t too hard considering the shape that they’re in. When they played Mouz, they lost 0-2. The Liquid players haven’t been playing too much, as each player has less than 50 hours in the past two week. Most Fnatic players have less than 50 hours, but on average they have more than the Liquid Players.

Fnatic actually lost 0-2 to TSM yesterday, 10-16 on Dust2 and 14-16 on Inferno. No one expected TSM to win 2-0, and it seemed like a mixture of Fnatic not playing their best and TSM playing very well. I’m not sure but according to Flusha’s twitter there may be some internal problems, or maybe he’s just demotivated after doing badly. He said “tired of us being shit at the game.” This might not mean much, but if there are internal problems it can definitely affect the performance on Fnatic.

Fnatic should be winning this game 2-0. They’ve practiced more lately, and they’re all around the better team. For betting wise you can do what you want. Placing a bet on Fnatic is almost guaranteed win, but you won’t get much out of it. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Liquid 15:85 Fnatic

Maps: Bo3

Odds When Posted: Fnatic 90% vs Liquid 10%

Data: Fnatic is by far more skilled and more experienced than team Liquid in every aspect. In a best of 3 I just don’t expect Liquid to ever take more than 1 map off Fnatic. While I agree that Fnatic haven’t been playing their best games lately, they don’t need to bring their A game to beat Liquid.

Prediction: Fnatic 2:0

Risk: Low/Medium

Advice: Max Fnatic or Skip

My Bet: $1200 Fnatic


My odds for this match: Liquid 10:90 Fnatic


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