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PGL Season 1

Best Of 3
2015/10/04 12:00 UTC

Winner VP


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Fnatic vs. VP @PGL Season 1

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Fnatic haven’t been looking as good this LAN. They started off by losing to TSM 0-2, on Dust2 and Inferno. On Inferno they came close, getting 14 rounds, but on Dust2 they only got 10. After the loss Flusha stated that he was disappointed in his and the team’s performance, and they needed to play better. They then played Liquid, who they beat 2-1. They should have been able to win 2-0, and Flusha on twitter said that they really weren’t playing well. Fnatic don’t really look like they’re in their prime form, and Virtus Pro should be able to take advantage of that.

Virtus Pro started off the LAN playing Liquid, and easily beat them 2-0. However against TSM they did a lot worse. They lost 0-2 just like Fnatic, but had slightly closer scores. Virtus Pro lost on Train for the first time in a while 14-16, and 12-16 on Inferno. What surprised me is that Pasha actually had the best K/D of his team in this BO3, which rarely happens. Last time they played each other it was at the Dubai invitational, where Virtus Pro actually won 2-1. They also played a Faceit match a couple days ago where Virtus Pro actually won on their worst map, Dust2, but online games don’t matter quite as much. Virtus Pro’s map pool is actually stronger than Fnatic’s but that doesn’t matter quite as much for a BO3 compared to a BO5.

Fnatic haven’t been playing quite as well this LAN, as Flusha has told us. Virtus Pro also won the last time they faced each other in a BO3, at Dubai. Virtus Pro didn’t take a map off of TSM, but they still beat Liquid 2-0. If Fnatic play how they did against TSM and Liquid, they will lose. However if they clean up their act, Fnatic should manage to take this. For these odds a low bet on Virtus Pro is good. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Fnatic 50:50 VP

Maps: Best of 3 TBD

Odds When posted Fnatic 62% vs VP 38%

Data: Traditionally, The Fnatic vs VP matchup was somewhat of an obvious encounter. Fnatic would beat VP around 8-9 times out of 10 but there has been a paradigm shift lately. VP has definitely been stepping up their form in the recent past while Fnatic has become a bit more inconsistent. While we rarely see Fnatic go under 67% on games, partly due to these factors, this game has relatively juicy odds. I would say that both teams can easily win this series and I wouldn’t even call it an “upset” for VP to take out Fnatic anymore.

Prediction: Fnatic 2:1

Advice: Low Either Side is fair

My Bet; Low $100 Fnatic

My odds for this match: Fnatic Fnatic 65%:VP 35% VP


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