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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/10/04 22:00 UTC

Winner Orbit


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WorstP vs. Orbit @GameAgents League

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Team A(WorstPlayers): Worst players have probably been doing better then alot of people thought after loosing  s1mple, a really close bo2 against SK, and they also Tied Efrag. It’s like every player in WorstP can step it up, one game its Fix, the other one its Arch.. But overall i dont think WorstP have what it takes to beat orbit in a bo2, the gap between the players skillwise is not the problem, it’s the gap between the teams stratwise. Orbit(Ex-kick) have been playing together for a long time, their experience and the way that they play as a team is on another level.

Team B(Orbit): Orbit is  team that have been improving ALOT in the last couple of weeks, taking down Vp 16-6 on cobble, beating dignitas in a bo3, going tie with MNR etc.. The performance from them have been really good, and the fact that they have been facing t1/t2 teams instead of lower t2/t3 teams is something worth mentioning. Overall i just think that Orbit is on another level, and I would just favour them in this matchup.

Summary: If the odds stay at 65-70% I would say it’s a really good low/medium bet on Orbit. The chance of them loosing 2-0 to WorstP is low(in my opinion). The odds for this game ending up 1:1 is ofcourse alot higher then Orbit winning 2-0. But as i mentioned above the chance of WorstP going 2-0 is really low, so it’s worth going low/med on Orbit.

My odds for this match: WorstP 25:75 Orbit

Worst Players is sporting some big names from the CIS scene, like CyberFocus the AWPer from Belarus, electronic the crazy fragger from Russia and fix, who filled in for s1mple in Hellraisers not too far back when he wasn’t allowed to play. They have been having some half decent results in their last 5 matches, with an extremely tight BO2 against SK (ended as a 0-2 loss however), tie against E-frag and then came the Quickshot Arena matches. In the groups, Worst Players won both of their matches against LGB.female (16-1) and NoProblem! (16-6). However, they were knocked out by ESC in the semifinals with a 1-2 loss.

HLTV lists Orbit as having Barcode playing, which is a little bit weird since he was playing for Volgare last time I checked. Barcode has however played with Orbit before in just one match, with that being against the German Killerfish on the 1st of this month. Orbit ended up winning 2-0. On that match page though, it says “** Barcode will play for Orbit as a stand-in” so I honestly have no idea if Barcode is playing in this match or not. If Barcode and DeadFox are both playing, it could be a very close game or a win for Orbit. Those two are a duo of the two best fraggers from Hungary. Since being signed on with Orbit, the lineup has accomplished some great achievements, such as taking a map off VP and Dignitas, as well as winning and tying many matches. They have had their fair share of losses though.

Depending on the odds, I will most likely put a low bet on Worst Players. My reasoning is that they have a better chance at winning some money at the end of this online league, and I do think that there is no more chance for Orbit to advance any further, and thus, they may not try in this match. However, if they do try, I do think they will take this. Low bet on Worst Players for me.

My odds for this match: WorstP 30:70 Orbit


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