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RGN Freedom! Cup

Best Of 3
2015/10/05 03:00 UTC

Winner Conquest

NME vs. Conquest @RGN Freedom! Cup Predictions

Is a some what hard game to predict to be honest. Conquest on paper, you would have to say are the better side, but I know for a fact they are not taking this cup seriously. ShahZam before their match against CLG on Cobble, wrote on his twitter that they were using the RGN cup for practice more than anything else. This obviously makes it a lot riskier to bet on them.

Putting that aside for a moment, and looking at conquest results, they have been a bit up and down. Beating Coast and Method 2-0 were results most people would expect. Since then, they have lost twice to LG, and an overtime loss against coL. The main issue for them is consistency. Their 3 main rilfers are incredibly strong when they are on. ShahZam is inconsistent a lot with AWP, to a point where some games you almost forget he is even playing. Then you have daps, who is clearly not a top tier NA player. He costs them a lot of rounds, and you could almost compare him to an NA Hunden.

Moving onto NME, or the koosta show as you could I guess call it. They are a team that their Manager and ex IGL Ryu would call a team based on chemistry and team work. They tried to install a different, more EU style of playing, where it isn’t just about out aiming your opponent, they expect their team mates to use team work to win them rounds. Having a star player in koosta certainly helps. Their main problem seems to be the overall level of Anomaly, and the inconsistency of the remaining players. They need the majority of them to step up if they are to have a chance here.

I would put the odds at around 65-35, 60-40 perhaps due to Conquest perhaps not taking it serious. Looking at the odds on CSGL, I would say going LOW/ICB on NME is a good bet, as I cannot argue to risk betting on Conquest at 70% odds. Only go LOW/ICB as this is a risky bet.

My odds for this match: NME 35:65 Conquest

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