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2015/10/05 20:13 UTC

Winner Dignitas


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Dignitas vs. CSGL @CEVO

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Dignitas: So Dignitas are a team that I am quite keen about, I feel like they are really good when they are on their normal form, the keyword here is form. Dignitas can be deadly when everyone is playing well for them, however as of recent especially, the team appears to be quite inconsistent with their performances, and therefor with their results. They still relatively recently added Schneider to the pack, replacing Nico which I feel in the long run will help them. Schneider has already had some very impact maps for the team, however he has had some shockers aswell, and right now he seems to be quite inconsistent. I don’t expect the team to be fully gelled together and have the necessarily team cohesion and chemistry to be successful, however the more they play with each other, the better. With this being a BO2, Dignitas should be in a really good position to at least snatch a map here.


CSGL: And on the otherside of the fence, we’ve got CSGL. CSGL by no means are a bad team, however they are nothing that they used to be, and to me just appear to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. They’ve still got talented players like Innocent, Szpero and Michu, the old trio together, however for me personally, Loord and Oskarish seem to be quite the weaklinks for the team for the most part. CSGL appear to be quite up and down themselves aswell, they’ll struggle vs a team they should really be beating, however then manage to keep a close series with F3 and CLG. CSGL definitely have upset potential here, for a single map, them taking 2-0 here would be quite the task and I just don’t think that Dignitas will allow them that. The team has not shown me much recently to think that they’ve got a solid chance here.


Conclusion: Honestly I think that Dignitas will take this 2-0, and if CSGL is feeling it, or Dignitas just starts slow it may end in a 1-1. CSGL historically has kept a close competition with Dignitas, however I feel with how both teams are looking, Dignitas should have this. The more and more that Dig play they will only improve, Dig just overall are the better team and a group of individuals compared to CSGL. 75-25 odds here for Dignitas considering it’s a BO2. I will be going medium(10%) on Dignitas here unless they go above 83% odds wise, if they are above that, I’ll ICB CSGL as at that point, a bet on Dignitas isn’t really justified.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 CSGL


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