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Best Of 3
2015/10/05 18:00 UTC

Winner HR


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Penta vs. HR @GO:CL

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Maps: Best of 3


Odds When Posted: HR 75% vs Penta 25%


Data: Right now I think this game has some potentially juicy odds for betting. I haven’t really seen Penta play competitively against top tier 2 teams for quite a while now as they have been slacking in results quite a bit lately. Most of this is because they are playing against tier 1 teams and getting smashed of course but also they don’t seem to have that rising star potential that you see in teams like kinguin etc. I don’t really expect Penta to beat HR and that’s why i’m going to be betting on HR for this game but just keep an open mind that it’s not impossible for Penta to upset HR as they are still one of the more inconsistent top tier 2 teams out there. 


Prediction: HR 2:1


Risk: HIGH


Advice: Low/Med HR


My Bet: Low $300 HR

My odds for this match: Penta 20%:80% HR

Now I do really like Penta’s new lineup, but I don’t think they’ll be able to take this one from Hellraisers. They haven’t been having the best online results lately, which is the exact opposite of Hellraisers. They lost to Lions 1-2, and they really should have been able to win that 2-0. They beat SK 2-0, but SK really aren’t playing well. Against CPH Wolves they lost 1-2, which wasn’t really expected. However they have had one good win lately, which was against CSGL. They won 2-0, with CSGL getting only 5 rounds on one map.

Hellraisers got off to a bad start with S1mple instead of Dosia, but they’ve been having a lot better online wins lately. While they lost on Cobblestone to Envyus, they next played Titan and actually won 16-9. Their T side was amazing, with 10 rounds. A day later they played NiP on Cache, where they were the heavy underdogs. They actually pulled put a 16-11 win by having another strong T side. Last time they played Penta it was a BO2, where it was a tie. In my opinion Hellraisers only tied because S1mple was playing badly, and surprisingly Hellraisers haven’t really needed him to make any huge plays. They’re doing fine without him.

The CSGL odds are a little skewed, but close enough to place a low/mid bet on Hellraisers. I don’t think they’ll be losing a BO3, but anything is possible if Penta play as well as they did against CSGL. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Penta 30:70 HR


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