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compLexity Gaming


Best Of 2
2015/10/06 04:15 UTC

Winner Trifecta


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coL vs. Trifecta @CEVO

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Trifecta, or the old Mortality, recently teamed up with this org, and go into this game heavy underdogs. Their recent matches could arguably label them the king of 1-1’s. They have draws against FE, NME, LG, Method, and CLG in their last 6 matches, and a loss against Method.

This shows they can at least compete with the higher teams. They have a strong base in their roster, I think witmer is a really good AWP, SicK for being only just 17 has a lot of raw skill, vice is a good fragger, shinobi is good at getting behind opposition, and AS2 seems a good find. Their main problem for tonight will be keeping up with the riflers of coL in roca, sancz and autimatic.

Moving onto coL. I don’t really like their roster despite a few signs of it coming good. They took down LG in a very one sided match, that I didn’t really think would happen, despite betting on them this match. They impressed me, and perhaps letting Valens focus on being a player, and having Warden lead from the spectators, is helping their side. They also managed to down down Conquest and 3sUP. They were losing against NME on inferno in a match that got postponed, but they could of also brought that back. Their only blip really was a heavy loss against NME on Train.

I don’t see Trifecta coming with the same kinds of strats as NME had that game, and they will rely more on the AWP power of witmer and the aggressive pushes of the rest. I don’t see how coL will lose this 2-0, and it will more than likely be 1-1, or 2-0 to coL. I don’t personally feel comfortable betting high on coL after seeing some of their performances, so I will go ICB on Trifecta or SKIP. If you feel different than me, then your skins should still be safe on coL.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 65:35 Trifecta


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