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Best Of 1
2015/10/06 19:00 UTC

Winner Titan


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Titan vs. Fnatic @ESL

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Maps: Train


Odds When Posted: Titan 25% vs Fnatic 75%


Data: Fnatic have definitely been kind of slumping lately coupled with the fact that their usual opponents have been quite on point as well. I do think that Fnatic are still going to win against Titan as I haven’t seen Titan beat Fnatic in quite a while but in a best of 1 this scenario is looking more and more likely. I think that this is also one of the rare circumstances where fnatic has some okay odds for betting but if you can tolerate the potential risk that Fnatic will continue to underperform despite now playing a lower tier opponent, then perhaps a low bet on fnatic is worth it. 


Prediction: Fnatic 16:12


Risk: Medium+


Advice: Low Fnatic


My Bet: Low $100 Fnatic

My odds for this match: Titan 20:80 Fnatic

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at Titan Vs Fnatic. It is a best of 1 and the map is Train.  I will do this one quickly since this one is a little bit straight forward.

The latest results of Fnatic are the results i hoped for in a long time. It is good to see they are not dominating the scene anymore like they used to and we can have some new teams on the top. But this is just something that i like, no hard feelings.

Alright. Fnatic and Train. It looks like this combinations goes alright together. They have a 57% win rate on the map. 28 wins 1 draw and 10 loses. Titan however looks a little bit worse on this map they played it 19 times and they only won 8 ( 11 loses). They recently got destroyed by G2 on this map with a score line of 16-2.

The last time these teams played Train against each other was a month ago. Fnatic won with a score of 16-5.

I prefer Fnatic to win this one even if they are on a losing streak. It is still Fnatic and they are a great team. They showed us that the last months. Even the best of the best can have some horrible games but with the combination of these teams and fnatic being stronger on train i don’t see them losing this.

I would say you can place a medium bet on Fnatic. I would recommend that you don’t go all in since it is still a best of one and an upset can always happen.



Series : “Keyrambit”

Monday 12th of October I will be starting off with a series called “Keyrambit”. I bought 10 keys and I’ll try to make it in to a Karambit.
I will be keeping track of every bet I make untill I have the Karambit. If you want to bet with me, be sure to follow my predictions.
I will be using Google Docs for a spreadsheet and I will update it after every match. I will post this link later.

If you want to bet with me be sure to buy/have 10 keys. Note : If you bet via csgolounge the only key  you could use is csgo case key.

Feel free to follow me on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Twitter</a> and let me know what you think of the progress or the predictions.


My odds for this match: Titan 35:65 Fnatic


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