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Best Of 2
2015/10/06 18:00 UTC

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G2 vs. Dignitas @CEVO

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at G2 facing off against Dignitas. It will be a best of 2 which is ofcourse great for us!

Let me start with G2. I feel like alot of people forget that Scream left the team. I’m not saying Scream was carrying those matches but most of the time he was a big factor in the team. The latest results of G2 are pretty good if you ask me. They managed to win over NiP on train ( 16-13 ). They also managed to rek titan on Train. I believe Train is the best map of G2 at the moment. One thing that concerns me is that they still didn’t find a new player, according to HLTV the ‘stand-in’ should be jkaem. He himself is not a bad player but he doesn’t belong in the team so things might go wrong.

Dignitas, a team that has been spoken about long before the existence of G2. These guys have been together for a while now. Schneider joined some time ago but this should’ve been worked out already. We have seen these teams facing off before but this was more than a month ago. However G2 came out on top twice ( out of 3 ).

Dignitas latest results are quite in-line with g2. They won most of the matches, just keep in mind most of these were very close ( 16-14 against mousesports, twice! )

Due to dignitas being together longer and the fact that G2 has a stand-in i favor Dignitas to win this one. I would say a medium bet just because i feel they should have the advantage and with these odds it can be some easy money. However i will not be surprised if this ends in a draw. This match up will probably be a close one.

Goodluck guys!

Series : “Keyrambit”

Monday 12th of October I will be starting off with a series called “Keyrambit”. I bought 10 keys and I’ll try to make it in to a Karambit.
I will be keeping track of every bet I make untill I have the Karambit. If you want to bet with me, be sure to follow my predictions.
I will be using Google Docs for a spreadsheet and I will update it after every match. I will post this link later.

If you want to bet with me be sure to buy/have 10 keys. Note : If you bet via csgolounge the only key  you could use is csgo case key.

Feel free to follow me on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Twitter</a> and let me know what you think of the progress or the predictions.


My odds for this match: G2 45:55 Dignitas


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