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2015/10/06 22:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

mouz vs. Dignitas @ESL

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Anooooother game on Cobblestone, we will all know the map better than the pros if we watch half of these games. This time up is Dignitas vs mouz. The easiest thing to do is to look at the teams past results to begin with.

Dignitas have had actually quite strong results on it recently. They managed to beat CSGL and Titan 16-5, they beat mouz 16-14, renegades 16-13. Their form before these 3 was not so good, with them losing 16-10, 16-7, 16-6, 16-5 to HR, k1ck, Titan, fnatic respectively. Judging by the fact they managed to stomp Titan a few days ago, but lose heavily the time before shows us we shouldn’t focus THAT much on them beating mouz.

Mouz last few games on this map were not the strongest to be honest. They did manage to beat Property and Liquid, but around these wins, they lost to Navi, Titan, FlipSid3 and struggled against Planetkey. I personally was not that impressed with their cobble when I watched it. They would send niko along b platform and hope he could work something. If he couldn’t, they would try and go A. This seemed a quite predictable strategy.

Looking at how much the teams have played recently, the mouz boys all have around 50 hours, and the dignitas boys vary between 40 and 80. This shows they have been playing, but probably mixing and not pracing THAT much as a team.

I find this a hard game to call, but from what I’ve read and see, I do fancy dignitas a little for this match. They seem to have better results, vs better teams. I would still only put the read odds at around 50-50, and unless the odds move too much on mouz, I probably won’t bet on this, but if I had to bet, I would pick Dignitas as the winners.

My odds for this match: mousesports 50:50 Dignitas

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