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2015/10/07 22:20 UTC

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Property vs. Titan @CEVO Predictions

Property usually have Barrbarr instead of Twist. Having Twist will help Property a lot, since he is a great player and his performances recently have been very good. They should be playing better than their past online results with him, as their recent matches haven’t looked too good for them. For instance they lost to CSGL and Mouz both 0-2, and their only in lately was an Orgless win 2-0. They did take a map off of Vexed which is pretty good, but that’s a BO2 so you can’t really tell who won.

Titan are pretty much on another level compared to Property. Today in their online matches they looked pretty good, as they actually beat Fnatic 16-13 on Train. They then lost to TSM and NiP, but the NiP game when into overtime. They’ve been having much better results compared to Property, such as their Fnatic win and BO3 win against E-Frag, and while Twist should help them Titan will be able to deal with him.

I really like BO2 bets because the favorite will rarely lose 0-2. While Property might be able to get a map off of Titan with twist, Titan should be pulling this one out 2-0. A high bet is good here. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Property 15:85 Titan

Maps: Bo 2


Odds When Posted: Titan 90% vs Property 10%


Data: Titan has looked quite on point lately, even taking down an inconsistent Fnatic yesterday in a very close scoreline. I would say that property have an okay chance (20%-25% at best) to take 1 map off Titan but for them to take both maps is just very statistically insignificant. I would be careful in saying that Titan will win for sure because they beat fnatic as that logic is very flawed but in terms of just this game by itself, Titan should win without too many issues.


Prediction: Titan 2:0


Risk: Medium+


Advice: Medium


My Bet: $600 Titan

My odds for this match: Property 15:85 Titan

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