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2015/10/08 04:15 UTC

Winner Liquid

Liquid vs. Coast @CEVO Predictions

Don’t honestly think there is any chance of Liquid losing this 2-0. Coast will more than likely be playing with the same 2 stand-ins, and there is almost no chance they will lose BOTH maps against Coast. I personally won’t bet on this, but your skins should be same on Liquid. 93% odds is just crazy, you will barely get anything back. If you want to risk max bets for a p250 sand dune then go ahead, but not for me.

My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 Coast

Gonna keep this one relatively short as it’s pretty much straight to the point. Coast is going to be having 2 standins here, ScrunK and Legija and while Legija is quite good and definitely has potential to do something here, he has been out of action for some time now and instead has been coaching Gamers2.  ScrunK on the other side, doesn’t really impress me at all and should not be a threat. One thing I don’t understand is as to why they picked these two guys to standin for them, pretty sure they are both in EU, which will mean high pings for both of them, but I mean nothing is confirmed if they are in NA or EU so take that with a pinch of salt. Coast is capable of doing damage, however in a BO2 it’s stretching it a bit too much, especially given their recent form just being off.

Liquid should be able to just simply outaim Coast here, Elige, Nitr0 and Hiko could have a field day honestly. I do not agree with the 93-7 odds as of right now, but I mean it’s close. Also, my odds are 90-10 because it’s a BO2, I could go lower/higher 5%~ but eh. I am personally going to maxbet Liquid here, and by maxbet I mean full 300, and not your personal allin. If you can not afford a straight up 300 bet, I would not recommend betting as the chances of you getting a return with the amount of maxbettors here is low. If you don’t have a maxbet set, just simply skip this, or if you are feeling jiggly, throw your 4 Famas Colonies on Coast and hope for the Legija.

My odds for this match: Liquid 90:10 Coast

Liquid have no excuse to lose this game. They qualified for the upcoming major by beating Renegades twice, and while they did lose to Mouz they overall looked pretty good. Their online play has been pretty nice too. They played Method on Cobblestone and held them to only four rounds. While Denial took a map off of them in a CEVO BO2, Liquid played Fnatic pretty well and took a map off of them at the PGL LAN finals. Hiko and nitr0 have been playing exceptionally well recently, especially Hiko at the Dreamhack qualifiers.

Coast are looking pretty good right now against Denial, but Liquid are much better than Denial. Even if Coast win 2-0, I favor Liquid easily. I just don’t see them losing 0-2. Anyway, Coast will be using Scrunk and Legija as stand-ins for this match. They will both have very high ping, but for map one against Denial that wasn’t really a problem. However it is still a disadvantage and Liquid should be able to take advantage of it. Their online results have been nothing special, and I don’t think they have what it takes to beat Liquid.

Liquid should be winning this one, and I doubt they’ll lose 0-2. So your options are winning a bit of free skins, or just getting your bet back. Why not bet on Liquid? Good luck!

My odds for this match: Liquid 90:10 Coast

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