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World Championships 2015

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2015/10/09 12:30 UTC

Winner Poland


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Poland vs. Netherlands @World Championships 2015

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Poland should be winning this one. While if you were to take the best five players from Poland it probably wouldn’t be this lineup, it’s definitely not bad. They have two players from Vexed and three from CSGL. These players probably know each other and have some synergy, so they will probably be playing pretty well.

There’s five decent players on the Poland lineup, and then ChrisJ and a few wildcards on the Netherlands lineup. ChrisJ is obviously their awper, and he will probably be playing the best for them. Cruc1al is from Infused, and the other three players are pretty much nobodies. I’ve never heard of them, and this might be their first big LAN. Therefore we have no idea how they will play, but it probably won’t be as good as the Polish players. However ChrisJ can’t win a match all by himself, even if it is a BO1. The only chance Netherlands have to winning this one is if they win both pistols, which probably won’t happen.

You can go for a low or medium bet on Poland here, as they should be taking this pretty easily. This is basically ChrisJ and friends vs 5 solid Polish players. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Poland 65:35 Netherlands


This Polish lineup does not have any of the VP players. I would assume that they are not allowed to play by their org or just their own call so they can prepare for the upcoming major. However, there are some talented T2 players representing. There are two players from Vexed (eBettle) and three from CSGL/ These players are pretty talented, but we don’t know how they will play without their usual team. Same goes for every team here. However since these players are familiar with each other, it will make their time playing a whole lot more easier than their opponents.


Now this team is interesting. We don’t have a whole lot of professionals from the Netherlands actively playing in known teams, but there are some familiar faces playing. ChrisJ from Mouz, CRUCIAL from Infused and mikeS from the Benelux Orbit are all playing, and I’m not so sure about the other two. ChrisJ and mikeS are both AWPers, so I’m not sure how that will work out unless they do plan on playing risky and going for the double AWP set up. I’m not sure what roles CRUCIAL or the other two players do though.

Final notes

I reckon the winner of this will be determined on the map and if a double AWP set up is viable. Both ChrisJ and mikeS are incredible AWPers from what I’ve seen in the past, and they could totally shut down Poland if the map favors them and if both of them are hitting their shots to provide support for the other 3. Poland does look very good though, and I personally think they’ll win. I will be going low or ICB’ing on the Netherlands though in hopes that the BO1 format will have an impact on the outcome.

My odds for this match: Poland 65:35 Netherlands


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