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World Championships 2015

Best Of 1
2015/10/09 10:30 UTC

Winner France

USA vs. France @World Championships 2015

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No reason to bet on this match. No 89-11 BO1 match is safe to bet on in my eyes, if USA manage to take both pistols this could be close. However even an ICB isn’t really worth it, as this should be pretty easy for France. They’re pretty much one of the only teams that actually has a very strong lineup. I mean it could be better, but it’s still very good.

The US team doesn’t have too much of a chance at winning this, but it’s really not worth it to bet on France with it being a BO1 and 89-11 odds. Just skip this.

My odds for this match: USA 20:80 France

In all honesty here, France should be able to take this. The players are from the two best French teams out there (Titan and EnvyUs) and all of them have history together and they are quite familiar together. The USA lineup has some good names on there like tarik, jdm64 and m0E. Moe is an interesting character, and he plays the AWP role. He is arguably a top 3 AWPer but in some games, he struggles to find kills and plays inconsistently. It’s also been a while since we’ve seen him play on LAN, so there is that to factor in too.

This is a BO1, and as we all know, betting stupidly high amounts on a BO1 is a sure way to lose money real quick. Unless you are 100% confident, you can go large but I really wouldn’t recommend that. My personal bet is a skip, but if you have some extra skins to throw around, an ICB would be alright too I guess.

My odds for this match: USA 15:85 France


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