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2015/10/12 04:15 UTC

Winner Liquid


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Liquid vs. LG @CEVO

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So ahm this is a BO2 which adds a layer of safety around the match, however I want everyone to understand that this is a really high risk game, the odds on Lounge do not do this match justice in my opinion. Liquid have been progressively improving infront of my eyes, and have been looking really solid for a long time now, and should definitely be favored here against LG, however 72% is pushing it a bit I believe. Their players, especially Elige, Hiko and Nitr0 all take turns to go absolutely off and basically win games single handedly and if all 3 of them are firing, it’s basically unstoppable. There is that factor that if what if these guys don’t show up, then Liquid may be in a bit of a pickle.


LG I feel are left a bit underestimated here, as they definitely have what it takes to beat Liquid here, of course straight 2-0’ing Liquid will be hard here, however the same can be said for Liquid. LG tends to be quite inconsistent in their displays, so you never quite know what to expect from them. My personal feeling about LG is that they never do as well in online NA matches as they do in a EU LAN, it’s like they come alive on the big stages. They often rely on players to step up big time and give them that spark to go ahead and win matches, may it be in the shape of  Coldzera, Fallen, Fer etc


Overall I definitely feel that Liquid should be favored here, they have been really stepping up their game and overall, man for man I think they are the better team compared to LG. I heavily expect this to be a 1-1 if both teams show up here and my odds here are around 60-40 in favor of Liquid. Given that LG is currently at 27%, and decreasing, I will definitely be going low on them here, just 2% of my betting inventory, nothing big as it’s really high risk.

Risk level = Very High

My odds = 60-40 Liquid

My bet = Low(2%) LG


My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 Luminosity


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