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2015/10/12 03:00 UTC

Winner Quintic


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Quintic vs. vVv @CEVO

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Pretty hard game to predict to be honest. vVv have been really bad the times I have watched them, and have not impressed me at all. FGB looked okay when he trialed for Mortality, but apart from him, I don’t feel much confidence in the rest. Quintic I don’t really know anything about. They have played only 3 games on Cevo, and numerous ones on ESEA, where they have lost a bunch of games vs teams I’ve never heard of.

This game have SKIP or ICB the underdog written all over it. I don’t feel any confidence in either, but I might throw some trash on Quintic for something to watch, but can’t recommend doing this unless you have some trash spare.

My odds for this match: Quintic 40:60 vVv

This is a match everyone should stray away from and skip. Tier 3 and under teams are heavily inconsistent, especially with the BO1 factor being taken into consideratoin.

This VVV is new, only starting a few weeks ago and their performance isn’t anything to brag about. Only playing on Mirage and Dust 2, VVV is already getting a bad start in this RGN cup. The roster is boasting new faces with a recognizable one, nitro (not Liquid Nitr0) who is a low level player with not much special about him. Since the map for this BO1 is Mirage, this VVV has shown extremely low performance on Mirage when compared to similarly tiered teams such as Method and Games Academy although Mirage is supposedly their best map from what we’ve seen so far. I wouldn’t count their perofrmance to be trust worthy to bet on since they’re just forming but it’ll be an interesting game to watch.

Quintic is a wild card in this game as theyre not exactly a team that’s easy to research on. From what I gathered from scarce, awkward sources, Quintic are similarly low leveled to VVV although lower in terms of performance by a notch or two.
Performance on Mirage when compared to VVV’s is lower although, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Quintic’s lineup ever compete. For now, Quintic is just slightly below VVV’s performance so their perofmrance should be similar or worse.

This game is extremely close and should be skipped and left alone although it’d be an interesting game to watch.

My odds for this match: Quintic 45:55 vVv


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