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2015/10/13 22:00 UTC

Winner Titan


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EnVyUs vs. Titan @Faceit

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While this is a BO1, EnvyUs should be taking it pretty easily. Envy aren’t really known for their Mirage play, but they’ve been improving on it a lot lately. They played Virtus Pro on Mirage just over a week ago, which is considered to be Virtus Pro’s best map other than Train. They actually won in overtime, which wasn’t expected. While they don’t play Mirage too often, most of their matches on it are wins. You can’t just win Mirage from individual skill alone, and it’s clear they’ve been practicing this map a lot. Envy actually played Titan just less than a month ago on Mirage, and won 16-8.

Titan try to avoid Mirage as much as they can. They seem to really hate playing it, and it’s one of their top maps to veto right away. They rarely play it, and when they do it’s not pretty. The last time they played Mirage was against Envy just less then a month ago, but other than that match they haven’t played it since Gaming Paradise. They probably don’t practice Mirage as much as other maps either.

EnvyUs seem to have been working on Mirage, as they have been having some pretty good matches on this map. Titan avoid Mirage at all costs, and when they are forced to play it it’s not very good. I don’t see Titan doing very well here, and last time they played Envy won 16-8. A medium bet is good as long as the odds stay under 85%. Good luck!

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 85:15 Titan

The map for this is Mirage, which is interesting to say the least, it’s a BO1 too. Historically Mirage was a pretty good map for Titan, quite a while back however now it has slightly faded away, and they don’t play it often, at all, and when they do, they don’t necessarily produce the best results on it. Obviously Titan still really recently picked up ScreaM, which in the long run should benefit them as he has already shown the impact that he is willing to bring, however he has games where he goes extremely quiet and just is not feeling it, at all and that can often cause bad performances from the team overall. Obviously Smithz and Shox were at the WC final championship thingy which they won, and the duo played with 3 guys from Envy, so that’s kinda eh, they might be tired and maybe have caught a few things from eachother.


Envyus on the otherside, have been really damn impressive on Mirage, and overall too. They’ve had some really good results on it, like beating Fnatic, VP and what not, and definitely look like one of the best teams on it. That aside, they man for man are the better team too. You would definitely expect the Envy guys to pull through here, however in a BO1, you never know, especially with both being French, I’ll get into that later. Of course just like with Titan above, NBK, Apex and Happy attended the WC so once again, may be tired.


Overall I definitely think that if everything goes to plan, Envy should take it, however everything never goes to plan. These two are top 2 French teams at the moment, and many of these players have played with eachother, and know their tendencies and what not, so domestic matchups can always be tricky in that aspect. Both teams have really impactful players that if go off, can win matches single handedly so you got to be careful here. My odds are 70-30 in favor of Envy here. Going to simply play the odds with a low bet, as it’s a really high risk game. If Titan stays below 23%, I’ll go 2-3% on them, however if they are above, I’ll go 5% on Envy.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 70:30 Titan

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at EnvyUs facing off against Titan. It is a best of 1 and the map will be Mirage. I’ll keep it a bit short.

Let me start of with EnvyUs. They have been doing good recently. They won most of there matches played. However one thing that concerns me a bit is the fact that some of the Envy players played for France on TWC event. However 2 players of Titan where also there.

Like i said before Envy is looking good recently and Mirage is a good map for them. They had some good results on it against top tier teams which is good. They beat fnatic on it around 2 weeks ago and won a match against VP on mirage.

Titan however seem to be not as good as Envy on this map. I know you can’t compare Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams but if they match up you just have to look at it. Titan got destroyed on this map before by teams like G2 & Envy.

The match can be really close but i think Envy will come out on top. However i don’t like the odds on CSGL. They are 80% in the favor of EnvyUs which makes it a little bit to risky for the ‘low’ reward you will get. I can see it happen that Titan get destroyed by Envy but i just don’t take the risk myself.

I would advice you place a medium/small bet on Envy. You might as well do a small underdog bet on Titan. It is still a best of one and Titan is not a bad team they have upset matches before.

I personally skip this one.


Note : This match WON’T be for my Keyrambit Series.


As some of you know i started a series called Keyrambit. I will try to go from 10 keys towards a Karambit. If you want to bet with me or just ask me a question feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I will keep track of my bet progress on Loungesheet.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 65:35 Titan


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