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Best Of 2
2015/10/13 18:00 UTC

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SK Gaming
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SK Gaming

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Reason vs. SK @GameAgents League Predictions

Reason and SK are both Denmark teams who have been known for spectacular performance, especially the players on team SK, who have been in some of the best LANs and competitions. As of recent, both teams have been completely off when compared to their previous performances.

Team Reason has been struggling to be get a full win against tier 3 and below teams such as their games against Worst players or even against team Torpedo. Sure, these games ended up as a win for Reason, but the win wasn’t exactly a performance that I’d count as successful especially for a team of their stature. Losing to teams such as team ESC and even team Orgless really does make Reason look like a team that’s slowly degrading into a mess.

On the other hand, we have an even worse case. Team SK is going down hill like a land slide and I don’t see them picking up any time soon. Team SK is struggling to get viable wins against teams of their stature such as tier 2 teams but are having little to no luck. Losing to teams such as Dignitas and E-Frag isn’t looking too great for SK. But, even so I still see a glimpse of light for team SK in their game against Reason. Sure, SK is going down hill but they’re still stronger than team Reason by a noticeable margin. Team SK should be winning this game on paper but I’m sure it’ll be completely different in practice, which is why I have some problems when looking at this game.

I have mixed feelings about this game especially the Best Of 2 aspect. This game will most likely end up in a tie but other than that it’s either team SK wins or it ends up in a tie at this point. This game is somewhat safe so you either win or you get your skins back.

My odds for this match: Reason 40:60 SK Gaming

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