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2015/10/13 23:00 UTC

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HR vs. mouz @CEVO

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HellRaisers is in a huge rut at the moment with the way they’ve been performing recently. Their new core lineup isn’t exactly working for them when compared to the days they still had Adren and Dosia on the team. Styko and Oskar are players who are great but for some reason it isn’t working well with their current lineup. It’s most likely a problem between a few players not communicating as properly as some would hope (S1mple). Another problem is that HellRiasers also tends to be overwhelmed by teams they’re unfamiliar with but in this case, they should really know how Mouz works as a team. Performance from HellRaisers against Mouz is low, so seeing how Mouz has had a vicotry over HellRiasers in most maps is something to take into consideration, especially since HellRaisers essentially has a weaker team than before (and God I hope they prove me wrong).

Mouz is the German Dream team and they’re looking better than HellRaisers through pure performance and lineup. Mouz’s lineup is called the German Dream team since they have a fantastic AWPer, Chris J and some nutty fraggers such as Gob B and Denis. Mouz also has a stronger team core, being team performance or team coordination. In terms of performance, they are better in most maps such as Cobblestone, Mirage and Cache, maps known to be some of Mouz’s favorite in the past. For now, I can see Mouz take this but it’s going to be risky with some of HellRiaser’s nutty talent such as S1mple.

For now, I can say that Mouz is going to take this game but be wary that it’s not going to be an easy game.

My odds for this match: HR 40:60 mousesports

Hellraisers – So obviously this Hellraisers roster is still very new, they’ve added  Styko, S1mple and Oskar really recently. Do I agree with these changes? I think that right now, the team will most likely struggle a bit, and will be quite inconsistent as they haven’t gelled together as of yet, however long term if everything goes to plan, the lineup has potential to be deadly. I’ve no idea how Kucher managed to retain his spot inside the team ahead of Mou and Adren, but that’s besides the point. The two players that standout to me in this HR lineup are S1mple and Oskar, both of these guys are really impactful, and can win games by themselves, and have been doing just that for their respective ex teams. S1mple historically is a lot more known to be this hardcore carry material when on form, however let me tell you, would not want to mess with an inform Oskar. Hellraisers have already demonstrated some of their inconsistencies, most recently nearly dropping 2-0 to Killerfish which would’ve been quite the upset, however also have shown their dominance on multiple occassions. Here it mostly depends on how the team, and mostly Angel, S1mple and Oskar are feeling on the day, if they are hitting their shots, that will be the most important at such a immature age of the team.


MouseSports – I’ve a pretty love/hate relationship with Mouz to be honest. They can be really, really darn good at times, and they have the players required to be a quality team, overall a very solid roster when you look at the roles and just overall quality of the players individually, however something just doesn’t tick in the team at very consistent times, they are consistent at being inconsistent, and that hurts. Niko and Nex, the double N are a deadly combo that when both are firing, can be deadly. Niko I feel is the main go to fragger on the team as Nex and ChrisJ prove to be inconsistent, especially ChrisJ at recent times from my experience. Mouz definitely should be beating HR, or at least getting their map, and contesting very closely on HR’s pick, however we never know with them.


Conclusion – I expect Mouz to get at least one map here, if not both two. Hellraisers are a very promising lineup, however it’s still in the very immature period of its lifetime, and I doubt the players have got the cohesion and chemistry with eachother. Yet again however, the honeymoon period has proven to be deadly amongst new teams, as everything just works, so I got a slight tingle here, and once again, S1mple and Oskar, simply unstoppable when on form. I feel that Mouz can definitely compete with the HR lineup individually, and teamplay wise, they should definitely have the advantage here. We have seen weaknesses in both of these rosters, however my odds here will be with Mouz, 62-38 in favor of them, could go 65-35 but eh.  Recommend low bets, 5% max here as it’s a really high risk game. Gonna go with Mouz unless they go above 71%, in that case, low 2-3% on HR it is and would recommend doing the same.

My odds for this match: HR 38:62 mousesports


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