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Fragbite Masters

Best Of 3
2015/10/13 18:00 UTC

Winner HR


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Orgless vs. HR @Fragbite Masters

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This is an incredibly risky match to bet on, but what’s profit without taking some risks? Hopefully this early match for the day will bring us a nice underdog win.


Since revamping their lineup with Barcode from Volgare, this team has been giving us some very impressive results. They have most recently 2-0’d E-frag, as well as defeating Reason, LC and CSGL. In fact, since they have gone without a sponsor, they have been doing great, winning all of their matches with the exception of FF’s (not making the match on time or other reasons). To me, this team has so much potential and they are very promising. I do hope they continue their streak and the road to getting picked up by a sponsor.


HR has also been looking good for a team which has just had a fairly big change. S1mple, oskar and STYKO have been added on, and for a team which has just had a +- 3 members change, they sure are doing well. They have recently tied against KFish, DenDD and G2. They have lost to Dignitas in a BO1 on train though, but they also have 2-0’d F3 and 16-2’d NiP on Cobblestone which is a mighty score to end on.

Prediction and final notes

Orgless has two matches scheduled at this time (this one and one against CSGL), so it is likely that one of them will be cancelled/rescheduled/pushed back. I see a little bit of opportunity to upset HR, so I will place a small bet on them. I still do think that HR will take this, but all that it takes for HR to fall is s1mple not hitting his AWP shots and that could severely disadvantage the team.


My odds for this match: Orgless 30:70 HR

Orgless is a new team that is on their way to becoming an extremely strong tier 1 team. They seem to be destroying all great tier 3 teams and some above such as E-Frag, Reason and even team CSGL! Orgless has an extremely strong team core and coordination with a fantastic and underrated IGL who knows how to place his team and work his team mates. Orgless is looking a LOT more skilled and stronger than team HellRaisers with how on point all of Orgless’s plays and games have been going. Orgless has some great potential and I don’t think HR is much to stop them at this point.

HellRiasers is in a rut right now, barely even making it as a tier 3 team in my opinion. Sure they have been this great team in the past and they have beat NiP but they’re absolutely falling in terms of performance right now. They’re team chemistry is falling with some of the players arguing and not communicating correctly. It could be the new lineup or new skill but one of the reasons is for sure that the team communication isn’t as strong as Orgless’s team core. HellRaisers isn’t as strong as Orgless and I can’t see them win this game against HellRaisers.

With the hole that HellRaisers is digging themselves especially with the loss of Adren in this game, I can’t see them win, even with the nutty fragger S1mple on the team.

My odds for this match: Orgless 45:55 HR


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