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Team SoloMid

Fragbite Masters

Best Of 3
2015/10/13 18:00 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid


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TSM vs. Torpedo @Fragbite Masters

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TSM is looking really good, and definitely one of the top T1 teams. This should be a free match for them. Karrigan has also recently announced that he has finished his studies and he is playing as a full time CSGO player, which is incredible news and probably very motivating.

Torpedo are a somewhat decent T3 team, comprised of 5 Swedish players. They have recently come off a win in the QuickShot Arena #10 league, beating out ESC, 2-1. They won $1,500. In their time in Quickshot, they only lost one match, and that was against Reason. They won matches against EU Misfits, Worst Players, Epiphany and then finally ESC.

As much as Torpedo  has impressed me this past week or so in Quickshot, TSM are literally on a whole ‘nother level and they should be able to take this 2-0.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 95:5 Torpedo

Gonna keep this one short, was gonna skip analysing this entirely, but since I’m betting why not scratch something up.

Ahm, Torpedo beating TSM in a BO3 just isn’t going to happen, hopefully. Ahm Torpedo is decent, they have had some decent results in the past, however nothing out of this world that makes me believe they’ve got what it takes to beat TSM in a BO3, even with TSM’s nature of messing around when the opponent is clearly lackluster, they should be able to simply outaim these guys. TSM is a top 3 team in the world, and if they drop this, clearly something is a bit wrong and hey if they do lose it, I deserve to lose my max.

Obviously the odds for this are going to be around 95-5, if not even worse, however I’m placing a max 300 here, hoping for some Sand Dunes. Don’t really recommend betting unless it is the full 300, since the amount of maxbets here will pretty much hammer your chances of getting a return. Going to personally max on TSM here unless a roster change is announced or some other unplanned event.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 95:5 Torpedo

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at TSM facing off against Torpedo. This match up will be a best of 3 and is pretty much straight forward. Im going to keep this on short.

Tsm is just the better team here. I see no way but litterly no way for TSM losing a best of 3 against a team like Torpedo. The odds are right on CSGOLounge if you ask me. Torpedo is just a whole other skill level and TSM is simply on of the best if not the best team in the world right now.

With these odds you might go MAX bet and hope for an overpay otherwise just dump some useless skins on Torpedo. Torpedo won’t win but it will make some space in your inventory which is ofcourse nice.


Note : This match WON’T be for my Keyrambit Series.


As some of you know i started a series called Keyrambit. I will try to go from 10 keys towards a Karambit. If you want to bet with me or just ask me a question feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I will keep track of my bet progress on Loungesheet.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 95:5 Torpedo


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