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99Damage Masters

Best Of 3
2015/10/13 21:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
SK Gaming


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nEophyte vs. SK @99Damage Masters

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This team has really suffered, following the departure of star player oskar and sidekick STYKO who have left to join Hellraisers. The lineup is very different now, and I don’t expect them to live up to what they were before. They really have taken a hit, and Frozen is an extremely young player, 13 or 14 IIRC and I’m not sure how he’ll get on with this crew. This is also Zero’s last game with this team (source: It just seems like so much is going on. I don’t know how this team will play, since recent roster changes and just everything going on at the moment. I don’t think they’ll be very stable.


SK look a lot more steady at the moment, with their last roster change being quite some time ago with k0nfig from Reason being transferred over. SK do tend to lose to teams which they shouldn’t, and they are pretty inconsistent for a T2 team. Still, I think they should be able to pick this match up. SK has recently been at a Danish LAN, where they were put up against Dignitas in a BO5 for a one match type of thing, and although they did get 0-3’d, all of the maps ended pretty close 14-16, 13-16 and 14-16 again. It was a good effort put out by SK.


Both Neophyte/Fraternitas and SK are sitting on 6 points at the moment, and Neophyte only has 6 points because their last matches were won by oskar, Guardian and all of the old players. This new roster does have some names but I just don’t think they’ll be able to deliver much damage to SK. There is no doubt here that SK is the better team here, but they are a ‘hit and miss’ team in my books. They either play well and win by a fair margin or they just flop out and lose (this is where I get the “they tend to lose to worse teams”). SK should win this one.

My odds for this match: nEophyte 25:75 SK Gaming


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