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2015/10/13 05:30 UTC

Winner WF

StreamB vs. WF @CEVO

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This match is extremely risky considering that these two two teams aren’t well known but with the research that I dug up, Stream Bidder should be the one with the greater odds.

With the info I found on Stream Bidder, they’re strongest map right now is Dust 2, considering they beat out Immersive, a team that warFare has been struggling to take down. Other than that info, Stream Bidder has an extremely talented player named finnigf4m, a nutty fragger who has some extreme potential from what records I saw. Some other sources say that Stream bidder is frag heavy and not exactly a team with a strong team performance.

warFare is oe of the stronger teams in their tier although is struggling against teams such as (new) vVv and Immersive. Warfare also has some talented players like TheGreatOne and FreeZy who look like they work off each other but again, aren’t carrying the team like how finningh4m carries Stream Bidder. warFare does have a more evened out lineup but their Dust 2 performance isn’t the most vivid of all of their games but it is definitel looking worse than Stream Bidder’s by a few notches.

Stream Bidder may not have a better lineup but they’re Dust 2 performance is better than warFare’s but since these teams aren’t the most consistent, let’s just place a small to medium bet on Stream Bidder.

My odds for this match: StreamB 65:35 WF

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