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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/10/13 12:00 UTC

No Winner Announced


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Orgless vs. CSGL @GameAgents League

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Orgless may be a new team but they are one that’s rising high to the top and they’re doing it ant an extremely fast rate from what I’ve seen. They’re beating out every tier 3 team and below such as E-Frag and Reason, while even managing to beat out CSGL on Cobblestone, a map that not ever tier 3 or below team is exactly familiar with. Team Orgless doesn’t have that great raw talent but they’re full of geniuses who is like a version of Fnatic except lacking the core aim and raw skill. Most players on Orgless are extremely aware and commutative players that play off each other and is there to work as a team, reminiscent of a hive mind essentially. Orgless could be the next top tier team along side EnVyUs and Fnatic and they are definitely on their way there but they’re having some problems in the skill department from what I saw.

Team CSGL can barely compete against teams in their own tier level, and they’re on the verge on falling into a tier 4 or below team if they’re not there already. Losing to teams such as SK and Orgless is already bad enough but this team is similar to team HellRiasers in a way. Team CSGL only plays well against teams they study or are familiar with. Notice how team CSGL does well against team PENTA, a team that’s very well known and has many VODs out there but are losing to these unpopular teams such as Vexxed and Orgless who have little to nothing to study on. Team CSGL is lacking a viable IGL who can lead a team blindly into an opponent instead of just pure studying opponents and I feel like they’re not going to perform very well against team Orgless.

With team CSGL lacking any great leadership, team Orgless will be able to take out team CSGL like their previous game if not better. Your bets are safe with team Orgless.

My odds for this match: Orgless 75:25 CSGL

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at orgless facing off against CSGL. It is a best of 2. Which is ofcourse, great for us! The maps are both on TBA which makes it a little bit harder to predict. This will be a quick one.

Let me start of with orgless. They had amazing results recently. Winning against E-frag in a best of 3 series without dropping a map and they just beat up CSGL not to long ago. Orgless is just looking so good at the moment. They are clearly becoming a tier 2 team or maybe even tier 1 if they keep improving. We haven’t seen to much of them yet but what we have seen is just amazing. The players have amazing skill which is great for teamplay and clutches.

CSGL is on a losing streak at the moment and i don’t think they will recover any time soon. However i do think the map pool of CSGL is better than the one Orgless has but with the results i still don’t think they can take 2 maps from Orgless.

With this match up being a best of 2 and the past results of both of these teams i don’t see it happen that Orgless will lose em both. They might lose one map but again 2 doesn’t sound like an option to me. A large bet should be pretty safe. However if you don’t trust it because it a still lower tier teams you could go medium or even small. I don’t see an upset happen.


Note : This match WON’T be for my Keyrambit Series.


As some of you know i started a series called Keyrambit. I will try to go from 10 keys towards a Karambit. If you want to bet with me or just ask me a question feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I will keep track of my bet progress on Loungesheet.

My odds for this match: Orgless 70:30 CSGL


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