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2015/10/14 18:00 UTC

Winner FSid3


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CSGL vs. FSid3 @Starseries

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Flipside vs CSGL: Last 5 matches between those teams: 5-0 to Flipside. Sure its five wins, but they were pretty close, alot of 16-11 score lines. And some more convincing results as 16-3. But right now the CSGL lineup is in a slump, they just came back from LAN, they are on a big loosingstreak aswell, while flipside on the other hand is doing really good atm. They had a 2-0 loss against HR, but other then that they are pretty much winning everything as for now.

My bet: Medium Flipside as long as the odds stay around 70%.

My odds for this match: CSGL 30:70 FSid3

Gonna keep this one rather short and straight to the point, because of my choice of bet here.

So the odds are 87-13 in favor of F3 here, and while yes they are better than CSGL by quite a alright margin, I don’t think it’s that huge, given that it’s a BO3 and not a BO2 where you are nearly guaranteed to be safe with the overdog. Last time these two played, about three weeks ago, it was a really close series that CSGL were more than capable of taking. CSGL’s recent form has been subpar, even for their own standards, however I would not put it past them here as they are definitely capable of showing up big. Flipsid3 themselves tend to be up and down a bit.


Basically, I just don’t think the risk > reward here is worth it, at all. A high bet to get a somewhat decent return here in my opinion, is just not justified as CSGL can be decent at times, they’ve still got some very powerful players when they are on form, and if they can shutdown Bondik for F3, things can get interesting, Personally going to skip this one, and would advise the same here, however if somebody is holding a gun to your head, forcing you to bet, some crazy lunatic, I’d go with an ICB on F3.

My odds for this match: CSGL 25:75 FSid3

As long as the odds stay at 85% or less, medium on Flipsid3. They’re the much better team right now, and their online results have been pretty good. While they did lose to Hellraisers 0-2, other than that they’ve been pretty good. They qualified for the upcoming major, and recently beat E-Frag 2-0. Most of their wins have been 2-0s, and they actually played CSGL in a BO3 just under two weeks ago. Flipsid3 ended up winning 2-0, 16-11 and 16-13. One big key factor for Flipsid3 to win this again is Worldedit He’s been nearly carrying Flipsid3 with his awp lately, and if he somehow has a bad game tomorrow CSGL could take it. However I doubt that will happen, and it’s not worth worrying about.

CSGL have been pretty much the exact opposite of Flipsid3 for their online play, as they’ve been mostly losing every game they play. Their most recent matches have been a tie against Penta, a 0-2 loss against SK, a 0-2 loss against Orgless, and more. Right now there is something wrong with the CSGL team, and it could be internal problems. Whatever it is, they can’t seem to string any rounds together. With the way they’ve been playing I can’t really see them taking two maps off of Flipsid3, unless something crazy happens.

The correct bet is medium on Flipsid3, but skip if the odds get higher then 85%. I repeat, skip if Flipsid3 get more than 85%. Good luck!

My odds for this match: CSGL 15:85 FSid3


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