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2015/10/15 05:00 UTC

Winner Liquid


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WinterFox vs. Liquid @CEVO

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With this being a BO2, and the 3 guys from Winterfox still in Europe, this is a max and relax on Liquid type game here. If you have large skins, they should be safe on Liquid. Just bet and hope for some nice overpay. It seems like Winterfox right now, is the team if you have a lot of skins, you bet against for free money. Bet MED/HIGH and hope for that overpay, or SKIP if you don’t have the bankroll.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 25:75 Liquid

I would advice skipping the other BO1 match between these two teams, but this one is fine for a large bet. Three players from WinterFox are still in Europe, and it’s really hard to play with such high ping. It’s caused WinterFox to have poor online results recently, even a 0-16 loss against Complexity. They haven’t really been winning anything, but I don’t blame them because of their ping.

Liquid have been having some great matches, and they just beat Winterfoc 16-6 on Overpass. They probably won’t have any trouble beating WinterFox 2-0 here. This is a relatively safe bet, because I really just don’t see them losing two maps. Good luck!

My odds for this match: WinterFox 10:90 Liquid

Gonna keep this one rather short, since straight to the point, just thought I’d share my brief opinion here.


Liquid right now, is one of the hottest teams in NA, if not the hottest, they are continiously improving as a team and have shown it by their EU and NA performances. They have players that simply will be too much here for WinterFox in my opinion. Winterfox on paper are semi decent, they definitely have decent experiences under their belts, however they seriously lack in the fragging department, and they simply can not be relying on Pyth to carry them single handedly every game, especially vs teams like Liquid. WFX has done nothing as of late to give me a shred of hope here for them, except beat CLG in OT due to CLG’s ping issues. And to make it even worse for WFX, their guys are still in Europe and playing with 120~ ping, is just really tough, and in here, will just make it even tougher. In a BO1 I could potentially see WFX having a glimmer of hope here, but in a BO2 where Liquid only needs one map for skins to be safe essentially, I will definitely be max betting on them. If you have the bankroll, go ahead and maxbet on Liquid, however if you can afford a maxbet of 50 or so dollars, a bet isn’t worth it as you most likely won’t get a return.

My odds = 90-10 Liquid

My bet = Max Liquid

Risk level = Low

My odds for this match: WinterFox 12:88 Liquid


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