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Best Of 3
2015/10/15 18:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic

Fnatic vs. Vexed @Starseries

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There really shouldn’t be too much to comment about this match, but I will touch on some things.

-Fnatic’s performance recently has been anything but good. Lately, they haven’t been able to pull many wins, and just today, they were upset by HR on Cache, 14-16. They also lost to EnvyUs, 5-16 on the same map, with a horrible performance.

-Vexed are a great Polish team that has done some incredible things in the short(ish) time that we have seen them together. They definitely are NOT on the same level as Fnatic, but they do have potential to take one map off them if Fnatic do play extra sloppy.

This match isn’t particularly important for Fnatic considering the group that they’re in, but they should use this match to stop the losing streak, gain some control and also some points so they can get a good seeding or position later on. I feel like the odds will swing out of control here, something like 92% so I’m not sure if a high bet will get you anything unless you max.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 90:10 Vexed

Fnatic may be on “tilt” at the moment but they’re still a lot more promising to bet on when playing up against Vexed or ex-ebettle for those who don’t know. Fnatic may have lost to 3 teams, and all of those losses were extremely disheartening to see, especially when they steam rolled, losing with a maximum of up to 5 rounds against the other top teams in the world EnVyUs and TSM. It was worse watching Fnatic go down to the hands of HellRaisers, just losing by 2 rounds, but still a surprising loss when it comes to the superstar team Fnatic. Although these losses may have come to hand, Fnatic is still a superior team when it comes to facing a team such as Vexed, with Fnatic having overall superior players in terms of skill, play and mind. Fnatic’s players are geniuses when it comes to Counter Strike and I’m sure they’re not going to lose more than two games to Vexed in this Best Of 3.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 80:20 Vexed


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