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2015/10/16 17:00 UTC

Winner VP


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VP vs. Na’Vi @Showmatch

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Virtus Pro

VP has recently attended an event in Australia, where they won a pretty decent cash prize. That event was pretty easy for them, and although they didn’t go ‘full plow’, they still did manage to rack up wins against Renegades and Immunity. Their other event which happened early this month was PGL, where we saw them defeat Liquid, 2-0 as well as Fnatic, only to fall to TSM in the finals, 0-3.

VP is definitely looking like the stronger team in this match up, but they still are a bumpy team to bet on. They push games very close, but sometimes they don’t have the ability to close maps out – which is crucial.

Natus Vincere

Na’vi is a team which has kinda dropped off the radar. They haven’t been attending too many events.  Their last LAN that they attended was the ESL ESEA Dubai in early September, where they were eliminated in the group stages by TSM and Titan. They haven’t played too many matches this month, but some notable wins include: 2-1 against E-frag, 2-0 win against Vexed as well as wins VS Piter and EnvyUs (BO1). They were upset a fair few times by Penta, Titan and Dignitas, but all of this happened in BO1’s.

It’s been so long since we have seen Na’vi play a match which was important to them – meaning that I’m not too sure what form they are currently in. They let Piter take a couple of rounds them in their most recent match. However, in the past we have seen Na’vi do some incredible things, so I do know that they have the potential to do amazingly, or better than how they currently are doing.


I’ll be placing a small bet on Na’vi, due to the fact that I think the odds will swing heavily toward VP and make them a little bit skewed. This match is a Showmatch, and I don’t know the importance but this could be some good practice for Na’vi and so they can actually get a win against a GOOD team and to show the world and their fans that they’re not completely done in CSGO.

My odds for this match: VP 65:35 Na’Vi

Na’Vi = So we haven’t seen too much of Na’Vi, they haven’t been going to a whole lot of events recently and instead have just been playing a few random online matches here and there. Their form vs the lesser, t2 and t3 teams has been looking shocking, losing to Penta, however on their weakest map, dropping to Titan and Dig in really close fashion. However Na’Vi’s form vs other t1 teams has been quite good, they’ve upset Envy twice recently, beaten VP so that is something going their way. I remember just recently, like a month ago there was a huge amount of rumors amongst the Na’Vi guys themselves, I was pretty convinced roster changes are coming for them, I guess not, or maybe they are just waiting it out until the end of the upcoming major. Na’Vi is a team that is definitely capable of beating anybody they face, it just comes down if their players keep their cool and are feeling it on the day, Flamie and GuardiaN are instrumental to their success, so a good performance from them is essential.


Virtus Pro = First thing that came to mind when I saw Virtus Pro and Showmatch next to it, I got slightly scared. Virtus Pro historically is the ‘Virtus Throw’ that seems to not care too much on matches of low significance, but I mean this is vs Na’Vi, with 10,000 prizepool for one BO5, so they should attempt here. Virtus Pro is definitely able to beat Na’Vi here, and I have them down as my favorites here. VP’s form hasn’t been too spectacular to be honest, they attended the Crown Championship that was on recently, and they won it however struggled vs the Aussies quite a bit, and considering the only 4 teams present were themselves, C9, Immunity and Renegades, you’d expect VP to win. They’ve beaten Fnatic two times recently, however Fnatic right now are in a complete mess. They’ve lost to TSM a few times, Envy, Titan so that’s not so good.


Vetoes = Don’t usually do these as maps to me are not the most important in T1 vs T1 encounters, especially in BO3’s but since this is a BO5 and quite straight forward with the bans, might aswell list my opinion on them here.

There is 7 maps in the current map pool, Train, Cobble, Overpass, Dust2, Inferno, Cache and Mirage. Both teams ban one, last 5 played so it doesn’t really matter on who picks what, just the bans matter, and luckily with these two teams, it’s pretty straight forward.

VP : Bans Dust2, they always do it, Na’Vi can be really decent on it, VP aren’t horrendous on the map by any means, I guess they just do not like playing it or such. Definitely expect them banning this.

Na’Vi :Bans Cache.   Their worst map by far, one of VP’s best, going to veto this 100%. Na’Vi got upset on it by Penta a few days ago, so that is even more going against it.


Conclusion : I am simply going to place a low, 3% bet on Na’Vi here. I think that this match will simply come down to who is feeling it on the day and who is landing their shots. Na’Vi has beaten VP the last two times these two have played, and lets make it a 3rd. With Na’Vi being at 33% right now, I definitely see no reason not to. Extremely high risk lads, please stick to low bets so that you don’t go bankrupt.

My odds = 55:45 VP

Risk level = High

My bet = 3% Na’Vi

Suggested bet = 3% Na’Vi

My odds for this match: VP 55:45 Na’Vi


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