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Fragbite Masters

Best Of 3
2015/10/15 18:00 UTC

Winner NiP


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HR vs. NiP @Fragbite Masters

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Seeing HellRaisers and NiP play against each other in a game was a case for a heart attack and a fit of rage if you’re an NiP fan but seeing how the HellRaisers lineup has changed gives me an odd yet better feeling about HellRaisers performance in their game today. HellRaisers has been doing extremely well recently. Taking out teams such as EnVyUs and Fnatic, even though they won Best of Ones, it was still an amazing feat. It could just be a once in a while thing but HellRaisers could be growing into a huge team.

On the other hand, our Ninjas in Pyjamas are actually doing worse than HellRaisers (which isn’t surprising). Sure Ninjas in Pyjamas bulldoze through HellRiasers, crushing them winning 16 – 2 but that was during the time when HellRiasers was still going through it’s awkward phase where the players were starting to get used to each other. NiP isn’t a top tier team anymore, and should most likely be a tier 2 team around the same level with HellRaisers and Dignitas, which to be honest is something people need to come to realize soon or else they’ll lose money faster than California is losing water.

HellRaisers and Ninjas in Pyjamas are on the same level in terms of tiers and performance. HellRaisers has been known to upset NiP during some important events and I wouldn’t be surprised if HellRiasers took down NiP again. This game will be close so make sure you don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose on this game.

My odds for this match: HR 55:45 NiP

I’m not sure what the odds will be when the match starts, but personally I think Hellraisers should be slightly favored. Hellraisers did very well in their online matches today by beating both Fnatic and EnvyUs 16-14. They looked very strong, and it seems like their new lineup is going great for them. S1mple has been hitting insane shots for Hellraisers, and regularly topfragging for his team. With this lineup Hellraisers have played NiP twice, once on Cobblestone and once on Cache. On Cobblestone Hellraisers easily took the match 16-2, and on Cache it was a bit closer, 16-11. Nevertheless Hellraisers won both maps, and they’ve only been looking better since then.

NiP also did well in their online matches, in that they upset TSM. TSM had been going on a winstreak, and NiP shut them down on Dust2. They barely scraped out a 16-13 win, which was pretty impressive. Their only other match today was against EnvyUs, where they lost 10-16. If NiP want to win this they need to get a good map pick, and control S1mple’s awp. If they allow S1mple to hit his shots, then I can’t really see NiP winning this. One other key factor is Allu. He’s been pretty much hit or miss performance wise, and he needs to be playing well for NiP to take this.

Hellraisers should be slightly favored, and this will probably go to map three. If the odds are below 55% for Hellraisers place a low bet on them. This is a risky match. Good luck!

My odds for this match: HR 52:48 NiP


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