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Rising Tornado

Best Of 3
2015/10/15 18:00 UTC

Winner HD4R


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DSS vs. HD4R @Rising Tornado

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DISCLAIMER: I know very little of these teams and its players. I will be spending the next hour or two trying my best to get information and I’ll try to make an accurate prediction. Please do pardon me and take this advice with a grain of salt, we’re probably in the same boat. We know little about the people playing.


DSS is an entirely new name to me. This team has three players from Ukraine and two from Kazakhstan. HLTV literally has no information on the three from Ukraine, with one not even having a HLTV page and the other two having a page but no information on it. I won’t be doing a detailed player description or whatever that is like I did for HD4R since I’m not familliar with many of these names, but what I do know from the top of my head is that the two players from Kazakhstan used to play on xGame.KZ which used to pretty much be the best team out of that country. Here are their player profiles if you want to research more yourself:

dreaM –

ttt –


nswww –

rizzz –



HD4R has made an appearance on the lounge before, and we have seen them quite a few times, however this lineup is an entirely new one. The two names that stick out to me are the Latvians, Independent and prelideN. They played on the old all Latvian lineup that HD4R used to have, and it looks like they will be staying with this sponsor. The three Estonians are a new name to me, though they have been on teams which we have all seen before.

Independent – This player left the EU Misfits a little while ago due to some complications. He is one of the best Latvian players with potential, but he hasn’t had a chance to show what he has to offer. He used to play with the popular “blackpoison” and has not been on a ‘stable’ team for a little while now.

prelideN – The second Latvian on this roster, and I have seen his name before, probably in the old GGWP roster. He is a young player, and his HLTV rating is pretty average (1.00). Probably a friend of Independent and a decent player.

nuga – I do recognize this name and the team that he used to play for. He used to play for United Estonia, and he was one of two Estonians on there. I’m not sure what went down with that team or what happened, but IIRC, he wasn’t the best player on the squad, usually out shined by his British com-padres. An expereienced player, but usually plays against people a margin better than him.

HS – Like nuga, this fella has also played on United Estonia. He had the second highest rating on his team (1.10).

FejtZ – The odd Estonian out of them all, this guy used to play on a team called Team8 and the all Estonian team, OnlineBots. I don’t think he is the best player around, with just under 1000 hours played on total in CSGO, however in Team8, he had the highest rating compared to the rest of his teammates.


It seems like HD4R are the stronger team here and the players have more experience in the professional setting than their DSS counter parts. They also seemed like the more skilled team. However, we have seen no namers perform well against established teams, like a hidden gem. This match is 100% a high risk, and I wouldn’t advise betting more than 2% of your inventory on this match (if you got a high bank roll). My money will be going on HD4R on this one.

My odds for this match: DSS 35:65 HD4R


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