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SK Gaming


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2015/10/17 17:00 UTC

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Team SoloMid
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SK Gaming
Team SoloMid

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SK vs. TSM @ESL Predictions

The odds are stupid so if you are here with a really small inventory you might as well turn away now as there is no point! If you do have a large inventory and want to make some easy skins with a bit of a risk read on!

I’m not going to put too much time into this as I feel I can comfortably call this game.

TSM: Other then losing to NiP These guys were on a massive stomping spree recently and I feel this game is no exception.

SK: I really rate SK’s lineup as a good solid team however I don’t feel they are on any level compared to TSM.


The only risk I really see in this game is a BO1 so all it would take is  SK running away with it early on getting a massive motivation train and tilting TSM but I really can’t see this happening.


My Bet: Medium TSM
Recommendation to low invent: 100% Skip you won’t win any skins with odds like this.
Recommendation to large invent: low-Medium SK try get some small skins to throw on some ICB’s

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 15:85 Team SoloMid

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SK Gaming
Team SoloMid
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