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Rising Tornado

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2015/10/18 16:00 UTC

Winner Enervate


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P.Skyline vs. Enervate @Rising Tornado

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Project Skyline

This is the debut match from CSGO’s only team from Kyrgyzstan. We saw these guys represent their country at The World Championships LAN, and after that, they announced that they would stay together. If you want the news article link, here it is: It basically just says that they are very fond of the idea of working together in the future and to produce a healthy team from Kyrgyzstan.  They have very motivated at the moment, and all of the players are familiar with each other.

At TWC LAN, Kyrgyzstan didn’t get too far, however as a team, they did beat Tunisia, 2-0. Their other two matches was against Poland and Russia, two super countries at CSGO. Needless to say, they did lose both series’ 0-2 but they did gain 19 rounds off Poland and a further 12 rounds off Russia. I think going to that LAN was a great and educational experience for these guys, as it really does expose what’s out there so they can adapt.


Enervate is a more known team, coming straight out of Russia. They have a pretty impressive track record and they are definitely one of the top Russian teams (note; they used to be known as Phenomenon). They recently beat EU Misfits, 2-1 which I personally think is a team on their skill level. However, they did lose 0-2 back to back to Epiphany and E-frag and then before that lost to Piter. This is an indicator that they are under developed in the international scene, and they are only capable of winning domestically.


I will be placing a low bet on Kyrgyzstan no matter what. There really isn’t any telling how well they will do, and we can’t really compare the quality of teams which they VS. It’s complicated and I can’t really explain it while typing. Anyway, I’m not sure where the server will be located or what the ping will be like for both teams, but IIRC, Project Skyline traveled to Serbia to bootcamp for better ping. I think they are back home so I’m not sure what their ping will be like or if it will be a big contributing factor. Enervate is definitely the favored team to win, but I expect Project Skyline to come in, all guns blazing.

My odds for this match: P.Skyline 35:65 Enervate


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