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EE Pro League

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2015/10/18 21:23 UTC

Winner Fnatic


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VP vs. Fnatic @EE Pro League

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I’m not sure what the odds will be like by the time the match starts, but as long as Virtus Pro have under 70% or so you should be fine placing a medium or small bet on them. Train is considered to be one of Virtus Pro’s best maps, along with Cobblestone and Mirage. They usually do very well on Train, and when they lose it’s usually to TSM. What makes Virtus Pro so strong on this map is their great T side, which is very hard to stop if you’re a CT. They use smokes and molotovs effectively throughout the map, and they win by a combonation of great aim and teamwork. The past couple times they’ve played Train would be just the other day against Na’Vi where they won 16-13, a loss to TSM 14-16, and a 16-12 win against Fnatic. Virtus Pro have been one of the teams to beat Fnatic a lot recently, and one the maps they dominate them on is Train.


Fnatic have been on tilt recently, and they’ve been losing a lot of their online matches. They struggled to beat Vexed on Train, and just won 16-13. They’v been getting destroyed by teams like EnvyUs and TSM, and they actually recently lost to Hellraisers 14-16. Right now Fnatic are not in their best shape, and I doubt they’ll start winning again on Train. They lost to Envyus 3-16 on Train recently, only getting two CT rounds.

The reason I give this match a high risk is that Fnatic could wake up any moment,  and surprise us. It is a tier one match involving Virtus Pro being favored so anything could happen, but they should be favored. A medium or low bet on Virtus Pro works here as long as the odds aren’t too high.

Remember, 67% is 2/3, I give Fnatic a 1/3 chance of winning. Don’t go too high on this.

My odds for this match: VP 67:33 Fnatic


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