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Team SoloMid

EE Pro League

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2015/10/18 22:25 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid


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TSM vs. Dignitas @EE Pro League

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Ah, the classic Danish rivarly between TSM and Dignitas, I think I’m yet to live the day when Dignitas does not disappoint me and actually defeats TSM. Matches between these two teams always go two ways, it’s either Dignitas get demolished, or Dignitas get 13,14 rounds and just choke out the game. I always feel rivalries like these are trickier for both teams, since they know how eachother play since most of these guys have played with eachother at some point and being the best in the region always play in the back of your mind.


TSM have been on a bit of a tear recently, not dropping series to anybody except NiP twice recently. Some of the encounters have been really close, like 16:13 vs both Titan vs Mouz, so lets not get too comfortable. TSM are obviously the better team here, you’d expect them to do well, especially considering their recent form. The map here is Mirage, TSM are good on it without a doubt however they have not played it in ages, the last recorded match on HLTV is TSM vs Dig which they took 16:6, but that was on the 20th of September. TSM have had some shaky results on this map, but that’s to be expected.


Then there is Dignitas, they have been a bit up and down as of recent. Obviously the addition of Schneider is still relatively recent so they are still settling in and what not. He himself from my experience has been pretty up and down, some games he’d do extremely well, and others he’d go missing, but that can be said about the whole of Dignitas in general. Dignitas definitely can upset TSM here, Mirage is their best map, it just comes down to sticking to what they know and landing their shots.


To conclude this all, my odds here are around 70-30 in favor of TSM. I would expect TSM to take this, however Dignitas are no pushovers, and given that they find themselves at 15% as we speak on Lounge, I just can’t not place a small, 2% bet on them in the hopes of a upset. Definitely recommend doing the same, as in a BO1 anything can happen, especially since it’s Dignitas’ strongest map. Like I’ve said, usually these end up in Dignitas either choking a close score, or getting demolished, but lets hope that ends here.


My odds: 70-30 TSM

My bet = Low(2%) on Dignitas

My advice =  Low(2%) on Dignitas

Risk level = High

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 70:30 Dignitas


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