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Best Of 1
2015/10/18 17:00 UTC

Winner HR


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HR vs. Penta @ESL

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Same map as Penta managed to do the unthinkable and take down Envy on yesterday. You shouldn’t read toooo much into that, as Envy are not the best Overpass side, and they do lose the odd weird game sometimes.

HR of course without s1mple here, are still a stronger side on paper than Penta, and have a good chance at taking this. Dosia will apparently be standing in for HR, and he of course has a lot of experience, and knows the players well. I do feel that the win will have given Penta a lot of confidence, and won’t fear anything HR have to shove at them. Missing s1mple will be a big loss, and if Penta can start well, and shut down oscar I think they have a chance at taking this, albeit a small one.

The real odds for me, are 65-35 in favour of HR, and with the odds currently being not the best, the best advice here is to either go LOW HR or SKIP. I think too much has been made of Penta’s victory, and they still have been an average side lately.

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 Penta

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at HR facing off against Penta. It will be a best of 1 and the map will be Overpass. This match up is tricky since HR will be playing with a stand in ( instead of s1mple ) stand in is still on TBA. I’ll keep this one short. EDIT : Dosia will probably be standin.

Yesterday Penta won from EnvyUs on this map. I dont know what went wrong since i didn’t watch the game. I think alot of people favor Penta to win this match due the fact that they won yesterday. Normally Penta is not that good on Overpass. They only won it 5 times out of 22 times played. They seem to have a weak pistol and ‘only’ havve a 42% round winrate on this map.

Hellraisers is looking pretty good lately. I know they won play with S1mple this will surely effect their gameplay and teamplay however i still think even with a stand in they are a stronger team. They got talented players like Oskar and Styko. HR is not a good team on Overpass. They got a 48.85% round winrate and they won a total of 27 times on this map, losing 33 however. Recently they almost beat NiP on it and they had a close game against G2. However they got rekt by TSM.

The difference between the HR players and PENTA players i just to big in my opinion. Penta is not a bad team dont get me wrong but i just think that HR has better players.

Im prefering HR to win this one even with a stand-in. Doing a medium-small bet on HR won’t be a stupid thing since the odds are pretty good.


Note : This bet will be for my Keyrambit series. I will place 5$ on HR.


As some of you know i started a series called Keyrambit. I will try to go from 10 keys towards a Karambit. If you want to bet with me or just ask me a question feel free to follow me on Twitter. You can also join my steam group where i can help you guys out of you got any questions.

I will keep track of my bet progress on Loungesheet.

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 Penta


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