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2015/10/19 20:30 UTC

Winner LC


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LC vs. NR @D!ngIT

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London Conspiracy

LC is a team filled with semi active T2-3 players. They have been signed on with the org for a couple of months now, but whenever I see them play, it seems like they just can’t get their act together and win matches, DESPITE all of the potential in the team. I’m not sure if this is due to them not giving a damn about matches or if they really are suffering, but something isn’t quite adding up.

They aren’t involved in too many leagues, but they did have one match this month and that was against Orgless, where they lost 1-2. This was in Orgless’ peak, when they were absolutely murdering everyone. In their 9 games that they have played since August, they have won just 3, against SpaceS, OverGaming and X6tence, all relatively mediocre skilled T3 teams.

Nerd Rage

This isn’t the NerdRage lineup that we’re used to seeing. The old lineup with joelZ & Co have departed from the name and they have been replaced with an all Danish lineup. To be honest here, I have never heard of these players. I am assuming that they are just T3-4 players. I have never heard any of their names or heard of any of the teams that they have been on. I’m not really expecting too much from them against experienced pros like LC but this could be the start of something new. If these guys do have talent or skill, it will show in this game against LC. LC are a team known for losing, and if NR win this match, it gives us a pretty decent indication on their general skill ceiling.


I’m not really confident on this match, since LC have literally failed to produce any notable results in their couple of months together, while NerdRage has an entirely new lineup with no namers. Who knows how they’ll do? Still, I do think if LC can win any match, it’s this one. If they don’t win this one, then I’ll probably never bet on them again.

My odds for this match: LC 75:25 NR

LC should be winning this one. They aren’t too active, and they’ve only played one match this month. That match was a 1-2 loss against Orgless. They only play one match about every too weeks, which isn’t really enough. If they play that little I doubt they practice as much as they should, and they probably haven’t prepared for this game. They do have some pretty good skill in the team though.

This isn’t the old Nerdrage lineup, this is a new one composed of all Danish players. I haven’t seen most of these players, and they’re probably mostly tier 3-4 players. A couple of them played on Eyes on You back in source, but that’s all I can find. They haven’t played any matches together yet, and I doubt they’ve played anyone as strong as LC in scrims. Right now I can’t see them winning this unless they’re really prepared for LC, and they haven’t been as a team for as long as LC have.

A medium bet works here. LC should definitely be favored, but there is a small chance NerdRage surprises us and does really well. It is a BO3 which does make this safer. Medium bets or low bets only. Good luck!

My odds for this match: LC 78:22 NR


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