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2015/10/21 20:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs


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EnVyUs vs. Fnatic @Faceit

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EnvyUs are the best French team, and they are definitely in the top 4 CSGO teams along with Fnatic. EnvyUs has had a string of BO1 matches where they have had some mixed results. Just yesterday, they had 3 matches, where they lost 2 and won just 1 but they had very close scorelines. Against NiP, EnvyUs lost 14-16 on Dust 2. Titan also managed to top EnvyUs on Dust 2, 12-16. The only match they were able to win yesterday was against TSM on Mirage. Their last BO3 was against Dignitas, where EnvyUs had a strong showing, winning 2-0 and allowed a total of just 7 rounds to slip through the two maps.

EnvyUs is looking like they are on decent form at the moment, but Dust 2 is not a strong map for them at the moment. Luckily, the map is Train and not Dust 2.


Fnatic has been having some decent results, but they have definitely been performing better compared to the last fortnight of matches that they have played. The past 2 days have been busy for Fnatic, having played 5 games, 4 of which resulted in a win for them. Their wins were against G2, HR and VP in BO1’s, and a 2-0 win against Piter. The only time that they lost was against Titan, and that was on Train resulting in a 10-16 scoreline for Fnatic.

The map: Train

Train seems like a good map for EnvyUs. Maybe not their 100% best map, but they are not bad at all. Last time they VS’ed Fnatic on it (which was on the 13th), EnvyUs won 16-3 which was a complete stomp. This month, EnvyUs haven’t had a loss on Train, winning against Na’vi, Fnatic, G2 and SK. Fnatic on the other hand haven’t had the best showings on Train with Fnatic only being able to pick up Train twice this month, despite having played it 6 times. The wins were against VP and Vexed, but even then, the scores were way too close for comfort.


I think EnvyUs really should take this, all the signs are pointing toward a win for them. However, it is a T1 VS T1 game and each team is as good as the other. EnvyUs just has a better track record on the map, thus making me inclined to believe that they are the likely victors for this match.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 55:45 Fnatic


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